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Catholic: I Can, But I Must Not

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I love it when people say you can’t be Catholic and gay, yet you can be Catholic and unfaithful, use contraception and have premarital sex.”

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Food for All, and All for Fun, by Rev. Denise Bender

Thanksgiving Week has for many years been one of my favorite weeks. The excitement of being with family and friends as we feast on turkey, potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and all the rest on Thanksgiving Day is led into by the way we help others be ready for that same abundant meal. 250 more words

Holy In The Ordinary

Evangel Hall - Urgently Needed Items

Please open “ehm urgently needed items” to see Evangel Hall’s urgent needs this fall.  Please drop off any donations you may be able to make on the stage behind the curtain, and they will be delivered to the Hall.  Thanks from Janet Campbell.


The Best Kind of Working Vacation: Five Reasons to Go on a Mission Trip, by Rev. Debra Juarez

This June, I spent five days working with a small group of young adults on a mission trip doing flood recovery outside Lyons, Colorado.

We pried off branches, logs, and parts of cars that had wrapped themselves around trees; hauled out debris that had washed downriver – everything from kitchen sinks to elk antlers; we ate our lunch in the shade and watched twenty or more hummingbirds sip nectar from their feeders; we climbed up ladders to get to the bridges that folks used to drive over; we began the process of putting in insulation for a new floor in a hundred-year-old cabin that the flood waters had washed right through. 840 more words