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The Trap

In the sleepy town of Farro, Iowa during the summer of 1963, four friends embark on an out-of-body expedition to save Carl, the town bully, from a mysterious–and dangerous–ghostly stranger. 173 more words


Wish Girl

If you’ve ever felt alone, or felt like nobody wants to see or hear the real you, you’ll have much in common with the two main characters of Nikki Loftin’s lovely coming-of-age tale… 224 more words


Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust

This graphic novel is a very moving portrayal of a child’s perspective on the Holocaust that ripped through Nazi-controlled Europe in the early 1940s. This tale centers on a grandmother and her granddaughter. 232 more words

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The Imaginary

Title: The Imaginary

Author: A.F. Harrold

The Imaginary reminds me of a good old Roald Dahl tale: imaginary friends, real villains, and the merging of  two worlds. 140 more words

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What do animals at the Statford Zoo do at night? Check this book out of the library to see their after-hours production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth… 158 more words

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The Soldier

This 60-page novel is packed with big ideas. It’s perfect for readers that are mature enough for “deeper” content but are still working on their reading skills. 132 more words


Operation Bunny (Wings & Co. Book One)

If you like fairies and magic, with a healthy dose of whimsy and a little dash of danger, then Operation Bunny is your book! It’s the beginning of what’s sure to be a delightful series for 2nd-5th grade crowd. 114 more words

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