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The Wrong Question

I witnessed a conversation today between two friends debating whether you can know if someone is making an excuse about not understanding something because they don’t wish to acknowledge it versus truly not understanding that something. 1,119 more words

Real Life

Women Should Be Able To Walk Around Naked If They Wanted & The World Should Grow Up

Every time I log into the cesspool of over-sharing and unsolicited opinions that is Facebook, sometimes a post of glittering interest slips through the dirt. I recently read one about a girl who was sent home for wearing a spaghetti strap shirt because two boys in her class couldn’t stop discussing how big her boobs were. 251 more words



I told a friend that men spreading their legs on public transportation
became a recent feminist issue. He laughed. He wasn’t drunk, but you’d be… 659 more words


Brandon Vandenburg, Corey Batey, sentencing postponed

Sentencing for the multiple rape count convictions of Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey, has been postponed to April 24, 2015, so attorneys for both can begin… 283 more words


An Open Letter To My Rapist

Dear __________,

I met you the summer before going into college and you quickly became my friend. We talked every day and were excited to go to school in the fall together. 423 more words

NFL Cracks Down on Domestic Violence

A little while ago, the NFL had to deal with a sensitive situation, which involved one of its players being implicated in a domestic violence and assault case. 752 more words