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Misogyny & Aaron Sorkin, "The West Wing," Episode 1.13, "Take Out the Trash Day"

In case you’ve forgotten, I do, in fact, love this show. It has become a ritual now that when my dad visits, we stay up late watching and eating ice cream. 5,234 more words

Misogyny & Aaron Sorkin

Opinionated Man; Proud Misogynst and Denier of Personhood.

It remains astonishing to me that people proudly deny the very personhood of other very real people.

It’s just one more reason no reasonable person would hire him to grow their blog audience. 274 more words

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Return of Kings Writer B. R. Crumb: Men Should Avoid Dating 'Raped Chicks'

In an article for Return of Kings — pickup artist Daryush Valizadeh’s steaming pile of online misogyny — writer and “web developer” B. R. Crumb wrote that men should “shoulder the responsibility for ending rape culture” by refusing to date “raped chicks.” Echoing claims made last year by right-wing author George F. 959 more words


Your Misogyny and Objectification 

Because of you she’s been conditioned. To what? To submit, sacrifice, to shut up and take it. Every gate you walked through said “Do Not Enter”, When she said “Stop” you said “shhh”, when she said “No” you said “why not”, when she said “I can’t” you said “please”, when she put her hand up you pushed it away. 141 more words


The Evolution of Lara Croft: 'Tomb Raider' Made Me a Gamer

When Eidos, now Square Enix, had a sale several months back, I gobbled up all the Tomb Raider games for only $15. It had been ages since I even thought about my favorite childhood game. 722 more words