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No immediate dismissals after Dal dentistry scandal: spokesperson

WARNING: The following article contains some explicit content

HALIFAX – Dalhousie University said there are no plans for the immediate dismissal of any staff in relation to the dental school Facebook scandal. 797 more words


Living with Domestic Violence

Trigger Warning: mentions of physical abuse, extreme violations of personal space/invasions of privacy, threats of violence. This is a pretty heavy post.

Being in an abusive relationship is exhausting. 1,302 more words


It Came from the Trash Pile: MGTOW mad-libs edition

Today, another little treasure from the trash pile — that is, a comment someone left here but that I decided not to let through but which I have since decided might be worth sharing with the world. 1,378 more words


On 'Universal Themes,' Mark Kozelek Stares Into a Broken Mirror

On the surface, it seems necessary to separate what we think about Sun Kil Moon frontman Mark Kozelek, as a person, from his work. Kozelek’s juvenile behavior while touring in support of 2014’s profound and elegiac… 1,184 more words

"It's like there's this whole part of me designed to enable me to dress myself well"

In this post we are going to look at some more examples of people wanting to transition to live as the opposite sex, whose desires seem to be rooted in sexist and old-fashioned stereotypes. 1,243 more words


Four Generations of Feminism

CN: mentions of child abuse, none graphic

Grandma was born in Puerto Rico. She moved to NYC in the early 50’s as a teen. She worked at a factory. 842 more words


"I identify as a woman but I think vaginas look gross"

Often in the media, transgender people are portrayed as being “trapped in the wrong bodies”, having an “unfortunate birth defect” or something similar. People born biologically male want to undergo procedures to make their bodies resemble those of people born female. 82 more words