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Random Headlines -- 4/18/15

Kotaku — GamerGate booth led by Men’s Rights Activists was kicked out of a Canadian comic expo.
Cosmopolitan — Why this longtime abortion provider may never reopen her practice. 93 more words


Wayne LaPierre on Hillary: “Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough”

America Blog

It must be tough being Wayne LaPierre. After seven years of insisting that Barack Hitler Stalin Hussein Obama is coming for your guns, and probably your kids, he’s still got to go on stage once in a while and remind everyone that no, really, for serious this time, Barack Hitler Stalin Hussein Obama is coming for your guns, and probably your kids. 492 more words

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I Am Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

During my teenage years, I desired to be a manic pixie dream girl.

A manic pixie dream girl (or MPDG) is the female character in television and film who is quirky and makes the male protagonist fall in love with her and his own life. 570 more words


The Wrong Question

I witnessed a conversation today between two friends debating whether you can know if someone is making an excuse about not understanding something because they don’t wish to acknowledge it versus truly not understanding that something. 1,256 more words

Real Life

Paul Lame

The following article has been making its way around the internet but in case you haven’t yet come across it, here’s a link.

Excerpt via… 368 more words


I Had an Abortion

In light of the recent cavalcade of anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-abortion bullshit that is assaulting us daily (here in the land of the free… 162 more words


Chivalry Must Die

A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with some friends when we started discussing feminism. I told them that in this day and age, I believe that you’re either a feminist or a misogynist. 871 more words