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Random Headlines -- 6/02/15

Think Progress – The Roberts Court is poised to score a major victory against racial justice.
BuzzFeed News
– Someone, possibly Charles C. Johnson, impersonated a BuzzFeed News reporter in order to trick a sexual assault victim. 84 more words


Random Headlines -- 19 Kids and Cancelled Edition

KSBY.com – Isla Vista massacre victims memorialized with a remembrance garden.
Jezebel – Another one of Paul Nungesser’s victims speaks out after Emma Sulkowicz is called a ‘Pretty Little Liar.’ 108 more words

Rape Culture

Random Headlines -- 5/15/15

The New Civil Rights Movement – The Southern Poverty Law Center designates four more anti-gay organizations as hate groups.
Hatewatch – Anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley has died at age 70. 163 more words


Random Headlines -- May Day Edition

Salon – Freddie Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide; Baltimore police officers to be charged.
Jacobin – Why the city of Baltimore rebelled.
AlterNet… 88 more words

Marriage Equality

You don't know what its like to be us

I was recently talking to a fellow writer and friend of mine about his travels. I was telling him I was envious of his travels and how I’d love to be able to live my life that way but that its more dangerous for a woman to travel alone than for a man. 896 more words


Random Headlines -- 4/18/15

Kotaku — GamerGate booth led by Men’s Rights Activists was kicked out of a Canadian comic expo.
Cosmopolitan — Why this longtime abortion provider may never reopen her practice. 93 more words


Wayne LaPierre on Hillary: “Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough”

America Blog

It must be tough being Wayne LaPierre. After seven years of insisting that Barack Hitler Stalin Hussein Obama is coming for your guns, and probably your kids, he’s still got to go on stage once in a while and remind everyone that no, really, for serious this time, Barack Hitler Stalin Hussein Obama is coming for your guns, and probably your kids. 492 more words

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