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Space-Quakers: Why Quakers and Quakerism Can Find a Home in Science Fiction

Jo Walton has a nice 2009 review of Molly Gloss’s The Dazzle of Day over on Tor.com.  This is another book to add to your reading list if you like faith represented in science fiction/fantasy, and want to present faith reasonably well–without being preachy, or limiting a faith.   859 more words


Now I want just to hold you, unfold you, I told you. See I am coming back for you

Hello and happy Thursday!

Today is the big day, to be precise it’s the new round of Uber. This month’s theme is Bohemian. As in all the rounds,designers at Uber has given the best of themselves and i had a lot of fun decorating and styling something, hoping to praise these creations as much as they deserve. 446 more words


A Flood of Great Writing Techniques in Noah: (Re)-Writing/Expanding Sacred Stories

Let me praise Aronofsky’s Noah for its fleshing out of an iconic thin narrative of Noah in the Bible and making it a story.

The story of Noah in the Bible is relatively sparse.   1,040 more words


Bajorans and the Evolving Trek View of Faith

I have to admire Star Trek for the way they evolved on matters of faith, by showing the complexity and the cultural aspects of faith, and how religion impacted society, at least in one series. 1,732 more words


Writing Courageously Through the Lenten Season

Writing is a Sacred tradition in many cultures.  We revere the books that come from these cultures.  It’s also a very sacrificial act, one that takes a lot of courage, honesty, and time.   431 more words


Pokémon Reanimated

Pokémon through the eyes of several different animators is like watching the entirety of Cartoon Network in a minute and a half.


New beginnings

They say when one closes another one opens, I do hope this is true. January hasn’t really been the kindest month to me or some of my most cherished friends. 101 more words