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Does the Construction of World's Largest Skyscraper Equal Economic Collapse? Mark Thornton on Political Badger Podcast

On our latest episode we are joined by Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute for a second appearance.  Today we discuss his great work on what is known as The Skyscraper Index which posits that each time the world’s largest skyscraper is built, an economic crisis follows.   54 more words


In Saudi Arabia, It’s Looking Bubbly for Skyscrapers and More

By: Mark Thornton

Even as the Saudi Arabian state steps up bombing raids in Yemen and spends billions on new military infrastructure, plans are moving forward for the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. 625 more words

Political Badger

Happening today! Mises 'Sound Money' Student Seminar

The Mises Institute will present a live seminar/webinar on money, where it comes from, what governments do to it, and where it’s going in the future. 84 more words


Is Sweden a Beacon of Socialist Success? Political Badger Discusses with Per Bylund

Please enjoy my latest interview with Per Bylund of the John F. Baugh Center at Baylor University.  On this episode we discuss, among other things, Sweden and why it is held up as an example of Socialist success: 11 more words


Libertopia Series #4

The gang is back with Libertopia #4! This time, our cartoon opens with Lewis asking Frank and Abe about what it might mean to live in a Democracy, and he soon receives a response illustrating an important point! 166 more words

The Recycling Myth

This article is by an American Swede whose grandparents emigrated to Minnesota, where they met. He is a member of the Mises Institute: Austrian Economics, Freedom, and Peace. 1,857 more words


Praxeology, Ethics, and Libertarianism at AERC 2015

A 12 minute presentation on praxeology and ethics at the 2015 Austrian Economics Research Conference based on this paper.