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By removing the scales of blindness one is given the opportunity to realize their failure as a human being—without exception. Oh, perhaps the reader (if any) believes in the “progress” of humankind, but, where is the evidence of that misconception? 99 more words

"Stephen Sondheim's Greatest Musical Was Sweet Charity"

Chris Peterson / Editor in Chief

Stephen Sondheim: A Life

This was something that was said to me the other night. I was having a discussion with someone about Sondheim and his best work. 550 more words


The Value of Women in Islam

There has been a lot of negativity and misconceptions going around as of late with regards to issues concerning race and religion. The perception of Islam has not been spared from such misconception, and I often find that I am called to defend my religion. 1,142 more words


Why I Decided to Try Yoga

Growing up, my mom always did yoga, and I always thought that it was something old people did to have an excuse to get out of the house. 113 more words


A Deadly Misconception and A Poisonous Assumption

Standing 1000 feet up above the the lake on a mountain, Tyl stared down at his wife with another lion. The anger made its way to Tyl’s head and penetrated through his eye, which now turns cold like the Arctic season, that could not be melted down even using a hottest and brightest fire. 524 more words


About me pt. 3: The Misconceptions

So here it is.. The final chapter of my “about me” series. Now, for as long as I can remember – I’ve always been the… 1,223 more words