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Another Myth Dispelled

by Jan Fennell

I recently heard on the news of another person being bitten by a dog when they had offered their hand in ‘friendship’, which is something that ‘traditionally’ people are advised to do when meeting a dog for the first time.  743 more words


When I say green card, you say...?


The green card process is not as easy as many people might think. There are many steps necessary to ensure permanent residency within the law. 1,218 more words

The dangers of misconception

Building a house on weak fundamentals is as dangerous as having a faulty emotional relationship. False communication caused by lack of judgement and shallowness of assumption is easily creating misconception. 461 more words

Personal Evolution

Oh, I didn't know you were a fangirl.

recently, I was discussing blogging with someone and I told them I have two blogs now, this one, and my other one.

The response was “oh, I didn’t know you were a fangirl.” … 1,063 more words


Dividend Payouts Misconception

Another misconception among people that I would like to clear is the dividend payout percentage. I’ve talked to many people who are confused with dividends saying that a 6% dividend per year already gave me a 6% advantage in terms of returns per year. 232 more words


Our (Muslim) responsibility in non muslim society!

  • First, conveying the message of Islam in the clearest way.
  • Second, calling all people to Allah.
  • Third, giving glad tidings and warnings, which were given to us by Allah.
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