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Becoming The Lord

He silently clamours things of next level, an extraordinary state of everything. The trail of fumes the cocaine left was a proof; a proof that he pays tremendously to attain the extreme. 76 more words

Fictional Anecdotes

What a FTWM said to a SAHM

“U SAHM got time”

“I work no time”

“more stress”

This was the whatsapp reply I received from a friend when we’re communicating over whether the primary school of choice will be too stressful in their Chinese language. 544 more words


SQL Myth | Primary Key (PK) always creates Clustered Index

… and this a default nature, which can be overrided to create a PK with a Non-Clustered Index instead of a Clustered one.

– What happens when a Primary Key is created on a table? 411 more words

Clustered Index

Dracula - Bram Stoker

I thoroughly enjoyed Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Little highlights, for me, included: the occasional particularly beautiful and poignant turn of phrase;┬áthe refined, polite, Victorian reflections of the characters; the dramatic and varied surroundings and (most surprisingly to me) the consistent depiction of Dracula as a man afflicted with something of a terrible infectious disease or illness… 306 more words


The misconceptions of three mystics

Once, there were three mystics. One lived in the forest, another lived by the ocean and the third one lived in space. They contacted each other over radio and exchanged their findings regularly, on what their world was like. 717 more words


On evolution (and why there aren't more black plants).

As I was reading Freeman Dyson‘s recent collection Dreams of Earth and Sky, specifically his essay on democratizing genetic manipulation, I came across the following passage: 1,086 more words

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a void, nothingness
but only because we try
to fill it with light