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Misconceptions about weight loss

Not everything you hear is true, there are many of the prevailing notions of weight loss, which can have adverse effects and lead to weight gain, so we will try to separate the correct ones and error so it would be easy for you to a healthy diet your leads in the end to an ideal weight and body limber… 589 more words

About Weight Loss

Misconception Through Unrequited Love

I want you to love me back and its making me not love myself. Your distance makes me feel alone and empty, yet I crawl back up your legs just to let you stomp on me. 39 more words

Autism Myth of the Week - Week 1

Most people, except maybe for those living under a rock somewhere, know about autism, but unfortunately a lot of what people think they know is just wrong. 551 more words


Misconceptions Every Transgender Ally Should Know

Understanding the difference between gay, lesbian, and transgender lives and experiences is crucial for being a positive ally and member of the community. In regards to trans men and women, … 513 more words

Gay & Lesbian Health

I'm a mean teacher!

I expect my students to come in, sit down and listen a little.

I ask them to do things like color and create, paint and sculpt. 237 more words


Allah's protection

On the authority of Abu Abbas Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said:“One day I was behind the Prophet  1,244 more words

Forty Hadith