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Year of Grace, Day 113. A Mediterranean spring

The full glory of spring in the Mediterranean – with red poppies and all sorts of wildflowers sprinkling the earth — is still to come, but right now, the almond trees are in full blossom, and it is already more than marvelous. 81 more words


"Can You Make One For Me?"

I was asked this question by a woman who came up to my table in my favorite coffee spot as I sat quietly sipping a latte and knitting.  242 more words


When Words Fail

Before the so-called “Dress Gate” the internet was set afire by a beautiful piece of choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi, featuring Sergei Polunin dancing to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” and shot by David LaChapelle. 636 more words


Saturday Spotlight: What Color Llama? Capture The Dress?

If you’re reading our weekly post summary, I’m going to guess that you maybe weren’t around the internet this week. So, let me fill you in: some llamas ran away but were caught by a human. 1,346 more words


Saturday Miscellany - 2/28/15

Bah. Another content-light week for me. Sorry! Really. But between work and … everything else, I just haven’t been able to do much writing. I did get three half-posts composed this week, but haven’t been able to seal the deal on any of them. 322 more words


Post 697: In which Andy is mentioned in a comment, and that leads to his capture!

Susan P of the always charming blog  (link at end of post…!) commented in response to Post 695, ” Cats are definitely wily. And fast.” 234 more words