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Writing Food

The most effective way of sizing up an author, I think, is to look at the way he or she writes about food. Food in literature is a strange thing. 833 more words


Time Management for Dummies, DOPES, and Dudes: Part 1 - The Kit

The fact Las Vegas exists is proof positive that no matter how much you believe you are skilled at playing poker, tossing dice, guessing where a ball will land on a wheel of numbers, or even knowing which side will show after flipping a coin, you are wrong. 2,156 more words



This past semester damn near killed me.

It felt like three lifetimes. Beginning January with hope for what I could make of the semester, entering March with an embarrassing personal and moral failure, and spending every day since trying to keep a grip on who I am and what I need to do. 97 more words


...and then receive it back.

From John Steinbeck’s East of Eden—a book I’m trying, for the fourth time, to read through to the end.

It wasn’t very long until all the land in the barren hills near King City and San Ardo was taken up, and ragged families were scattered through the hills, trying their best to scratch a living from the thin flinty soil.

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Colour on the Cards

Do you like Charity Shops? I do as you never know what you might find in them, and in my case where the discovery might take you. 498 more words

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The benefits of charity and thrift shops, at least if you know what you're looking for.

Take me out to the old

The diamond tension at the old ball game
is never, ever who will have the win.
That’s for the TV crowd, always so tame.
No. Live is where danger is a shoo-in… 35 more words


Oklahoma Quarterback Competition Inspires Parody of 15-Year Old Green Day Song

Bob Stoops apparently has a quarterback decision to make this year. You can learn all about it in this video that combines some great animation with a parody of Green Day’s 2000 song, “Minority.” 158 more words