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Small But Not Insignificant

When this Butler and that Hutton got married, we became the Buttons.

When we were pregnant, we called it Baby Button.

When you think about it, buttons are small but not insignificant. 39 more words


The early miscarriage

I mentioned in my brief catch up blog that we had unfortunately had a miscarriage at the end of January. We had only been TTC since December and had got lucky almost immediately, as we did with Project #1. 401 more words


Happily Ever After

And they lived happily ever after.

Until the miscarriage, the bankruptcy, the cheating, the divorce, and the death.

But before that, everything had been good. 534 more words


Here we go again

I mentioned we were going to go back to the fertility doctor as soon as my next period showed up.  So I waited, and waited and didn’t become overly concerned when said period wasn’t on time.  744 more words


Give me back the control 

The last few weeks I’ve noticed some changes. Not promising ones. I’ve been eating. A lot. I guess you could call it binge eating. My job is pretty flexible and I have one day a week working from home. 233 more words

4 years ago

Four years ago, Joey was a blossoming 6 month old who was my everything. I had just stopped nursing and dried up, and was in the process of switching from breastfeeding pill to regular birth control. 541 more words


We Lost Our Baby at 16 Weeks - Silent Miscarriage

I seriously never thought this would happen to me.

I know a lot of women who have had miscarriages and my heart broke for each and every one of them.   1,466 more words