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Miscarriage Anniversary

It’s been two years since I lost my first angel baby and nearly a year since I lost my second.   May 28, 2013, was a very dark day for me.  345 more words


Not All Trigger Warning's Come With A Label

Yesterday I was constantly getting phone calls from a Spacio Telecom company, and when I say calls I mean once every hour on the dot. However once I answered and told the person I was not interest and to please stop calling my home number, I was abused. 455 more words



I love to plan. I like to have everything prepped and ready to go. I like to be prepared for everything. I like to organize things. 471 more words


Thurs 28th May 2015 - Silver Linings

There are lots of really crap things about miscarriage and lots of reminders every day. Like seeing pregnant women, hearing babies cry, pregnancy announcements, significant dates…there really isn’t anything good. 229 more words


Back Doctor, Thrilling OB Appointment and A Busy Schedule

It seems like these past few weeks and next however many months are going to be filled with tons of appointments – not only for me, but for some of my family members as well. 934 more words


What not to say...

Sometimes I get downright enraged with the comments people say about my fertility. So here’s a list and why these comments are completely wrong:

1. You’re still young… 605 more words

Reasons why I cry as a new mom

One thing I’ve been surprised about in having a baby is how often I cry. As a kid/teenager and even into my young adult years, I used to pride myself in not being a crier. 333 more words