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Messy 39 Week Poetry

Breathless on the edge of monumental.

Feet at precipice, known behind, uncharted before.

Wind swirling, inviting, tempting.

Jump, jump, jump.

My belly tightens; my baby wiggles, so little room left. 505 more words

Taylor Lynn

I have a baby girl. A healthy, energetic baby girl full of personality and the sweetest heart. I get to kiss her perfect face and hold her tiny hands. 1,042 more words

a baby? could it be?

Near the end of August a new cycle started and we were successful at conceiving without a doubt. Repeated hCG blood tests indicated the hormone to be increasing properly. 62 more words


Black: The colour of comfort

When I was a child, I couldn’t sleep at night unless it was pitch black in my room. I used to get irritated when babysitters would prop the door open to let light in, or put a lamp on on the landing so the light would be round the doorframe. 855 more words

Inner Self

Simply Emotional

This journey is more emotional than I ever bargained for. Never in my life did I ever expect to have feelings like this. Some days I feel so defeated and run down. 431 more words


Essential Oils, and Other Holistic Treatments

Have any of you readers out there every tried using essential oils to help with PCOS, or other infertility and hormone related problems?

I decided to give it a try, and God bless a friend of mine who “lent” me a very hard to come by oil. 387 more words


Dealing with a Miscarriage

Every time I thought about sitting down to write this post, I found an excuse not to. I wanted to avoid it. Maybe I didn’t know exactly what to say. 1,189 more words