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The Little Prince

Our little prince is 11 days old.

We are in the midst of grief. Some days are numb, allowing light to filter through the fog. Other days not even the hands infront of us are visable. 247 more words


Second Trimester Loss after IVF

Written on 17th April 2015

I never knew heartbreak until now. Our beautiful baby was healthy at the 12 week scan. We heard the heartbeat. We started to think after four years of trying and 3 cycles of IVF that this was finally happening for us. 220 more words


Miscarriage - A Spiritual View - Not a Doll

Maira from the United States, has had 2 miscarriages. Maira at the time of the miscarriage feels somewhat lost. She is not sure what she wants from life. 106 more words



Apologies but I just really need to vent. Miscarriages really suck. Yes for the obvious physical, mental pain and the worrying for future pregnancies.

It also sucks because it’s still considered such a private matter so you can be going through the worst pain of your life but no one cuts you any slack like they would with another physical or emotional loss that was more accepted such as losing a parent etc. 323 more words



The most prominent feeling I have experienced this miscarriage is the feeling of emptiness. In fact, it was the first word I used to describe how I was doing when I was asked. 743 more words


We're Going to the Beach!

Yes, this news in fact DOES require it’s own post. :P

M and I originally had plans to go to Chicago for a long weekend in June, just to visit the city and partake in all the touristy things Chicago has to offer. 395 more words


Walking in the shadow of miscarriage.

Recap for new followers….. We lost our baby at 13 weeks 5 days on 4/12/15. An Emergency Room visit ended with an ultrasound telling us our baby had passed away. 1,221 more words