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Are all of them upon falsehood and you are upon truth?

It was said to al-Hafidh ‘Abdul-Qhani al-Maqdisi when the Asha’irah gathered against him: Are all of them upon falsehood and you are upon truth?

He said: Yes.


Ad hominem attack is the sunnah of Fir’awn

When Moosa ‘alaihi-salaatu-wassalaam proclaimed the message to Fir’awn attacks the character of Moosa ‘alaihi-salaatu-wasallaam and reminds of him of his past mistakes instead of responding to his original arguments. 53 more words


O Allah make us die upon Islam and Sunnah

Talha al-Baqhdadi stated: I embarked with Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal on a boat. (During the trip) he was silent and if he spoke he said “O Allah make us die upon Islam and Sunnah.


The Burrow Takes the United Kingdom and Ireland.


I am super excited to announce that a couple friends and I are going to be going to the United Kingdom and Ireland for two weeks in May. 317 more words


Month of Meals: March 2015

I have been trying something new for planning my meals at home and I thought I would share it with you here. I used to plan out my dinners on a weekly basis. 251 more words



Couple celebrates their 82nd wedding anniversary.

Imagine how many kids, grandkids and great-grandkids who they’ve outlived!

A husband and wife thought to be Rockland County’s oldest married couple will celebrate their birthdays this weekend — with a combined age of 212. 462 more words