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The little house

Current pictures of the little house (the granny flat that we use as our painting/quilt studio and wine laboratory).  I actually THOUGHT it was clean and pretty tidy until I looked at these pictures.   41 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

Feeding the addiction

This lovely package of goodies arrived last week.  Thanks Candy!  LOVE the embroidery of my new favorite saying.  I think I’m going to make it into a pillow using my left over Fabric Vomit TM Crumbs and use it in the little house.   18 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

Kettlebells & Quilts

Quiz question for the day:  What do these pictures have in common?

Answer:  I’ve started (slowly) swinging my kettlebells again.  I’ve challenged myself to do 100 swings a day for 100 days.   52 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

Little house organisation process

In December I decided that the little house was in desperate need of a clean up and organisation.  The bathroom also needs some DIY work (tiling and painting).   159 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

How do you get so much done?

Thanks everyone for your feedback and opinions on my 100-patch block quilt.  Just when I think I know what I’m going to do……I change my mind.   332 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

The politics of the quilting world

I tried to just re-blog this post from The Silly BooDilly but wasn’t able to so will just give you the link and send you on to it.   397 more words

Misc Quilting Thoughts

UFOs - works in progress

One of my goals this year was to finish up some (all?) of my unfinished projects.  I’m really only doing projects that I still LOVE.  Anything I don’t love – I’ve either gotten rid of or plan to get rid of. 323 more words