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What's the best book a woman can read to prepare herself for marriage?

I found a great lecture by Sue Bohlin, who works at Probe Ministries. The lecture is about the book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. 1,434 more words


If I Be Waspish, Best Beware My Sting

The Taming of the Shrew is often viewed as one of the more controversial of Shakespeare’s plays, raising questions of misogyny, misandry, acceptable gender roles, subservience, and domestic abuse, among a multitude of others. 1,385 more words

Critical Analysis

Misogyny, Misandry and the Misery.

Let me begin by telling you, this is coming from my heart and I have a good heart. I also love chai, just saying. I’m pretty laid back and I have tolerance for a lot of bullshit but that doesn’t mean I appreciate it.  656 more words

The Cauldron

Misincelry or Hatred of Incels

We all understand the terms misogyny and misandry. The basic definitions are given below.

Misogyny – The hatred of women.

Misandry – The hatred of men. 924 more words

Mastering the Art of Misandry

I am not a strident misandrist, just a mild-mannered one….and this is interesting and something you can’t see but my misogynistic spell check puts a squiggly red line under this word that means MAN-HATER as though it shouldn’t exist even after I checked the spelling. 2,056 more words

Maleficent the movie: morals of the story

Yesterday I finally saw the movie “Maleficent” for the first time since I spotted the movie posters last summer. I had not seen any trailer nor had read anything on the movie – and yes, that is perfectly possible.  2,046 more words

Feminism vs Misandry

So, there’s this tumblr blog called “Women Against Feminism” and I have to say, it’s frustrating yet hilarious. I have never seen so many women against their own rights; it’s ridiculous. 467 more words