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I give thanks today for new beginnings. There is a miracle inside of each beginning. There is also a gift in newness.

In my expectation of a new beginning, I acknowledge I am required to accept endings. 272 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Jian Mama HAS to Hear This!

Today 70 year old Grace Jian came with me to share her grandmother’s salvation story to our neighbor–82 year old Jian Mama.  Jian Mama lately has given up on coming to Jesus herself, because she has her ancestors to think about; she says, “Of course Jesus will accept you; you’ve known him all your life!”  So when I heard Grace’s grandmother’s story, I knew Jian Mama had to hear it! 688 more words

Church Planting In Taiwan

"One Hell Of And Amen!"

“The preacher said he died to young, over there toting that gun for Uncle Sam and our freedom.  Mom and Dad dressed in black, they folded up that flag, handed it to dad and started praying, yeah he went out twenty-one guns a blazing! 232 more words

Paper Bag Moments

Have you ever had a moment that blows you away? Not in a negative way, but in a positive way? The kind of moment that you dreamed of, but didn’t know would ever come true? 408 more words

Do You Believe In Miracles?

EVENT: Thursday, July 9, 7-9 pm, Gibson’s Bookstore, 45 S Main St, Concord, NH

Before my divorce, my two kids and I would occasionally venture to Brownfield, Maine, to spend the night at a friend’s house. 210 more words


G.K. Chesterton - Miracles

“My belief that miracles have happened in human history is not a mystical belief at all; I believe in them upon human evidences as I do in the discovery of America. 99 more words