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Like Children

Life seemed so much more simpler when we were little. We could play for hours and many of us did not have a worry in the world. 472 more words


I Wasted All Of 2014! And Now Half Of 15!

I looked back yesterday at thirty-seven and realized the last time my parents had anything to be proud of was high school sports! Next summer will be my twentieth, so we’re going on two decades! 264 more words

Faith Healers: Pulling Our Legs?

My regular readers may already know that I’m currently planning a book examining supernatural claims, particularly within the Christian church. A large part of this work will involve looking at the various healing claims flying around Christendom. 1,538 more words



It was a beautiful garden
with flowers all around
of all the sizes and all the colours
making the view serene,
but there was this one little creature… 318 more words

Just take that first step!

By Kathi Pelton

Years ago when my husband and I were trying to begin our family we quickly found out that we were facing infertility issues, About three years into unsuccessful treatment God made known to us a situation with a baby girl in the foster care system who’s teen aged birth mom desired for us to adopt her. 771 more words

10.1 A Rooster Crows as the Sheep Resume

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t there,” crowed the Kid at breakfast. “I woulda killed that boy!” Terrell, Eric, Skeleton Man, and he sat with their limp breakfasts. 1,171 more words

Let's Look at the Miracles of Christ


For the foreseeable future I’ll be looking at and discussing the Miracles of the Lord Jesus. My intention is to look at each of these in the particular order they were performed by Christ. 493 more words