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Pea and Mint Salad

Just a quick note to say hi and I hope you are all having a wonderful Fourth of July! We’re celebrating in the country with fresh blueberry galettes, grilled veggie kabobs with muhammara sauce, a mountain of kale chips, plenty of play time with our new puppy and lots of swimming. 71 more words


watermelon feta and mint salad

What can be better for a summer lunch or light dinner than this watermelon feta and mint salad?! I simply love having light dinners like this when it´s almost 40°C outside. 144 more words


Red, White and Berries

What a beautiful day to celebrate! And what better way than starting off with a healthy juice! This morning we woke up early to run a couple of miles before all the festivities. 212 more words

Chia Seeds

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

I don’t have a green thumb. I’ve managed to kill a cactus before. So then why was I determined to start my own herb garden? Because as much as I am not a fan of gardening, I am a huge fan of saving money – buying 4 seedlings cost $12.00. 231 more words


Blueberry Mojito - 4th of July Special

Happy Birthday America!!!

You are looking pretty good for being 239 years old. I’ll have to get the secret to how you stay looking so good for an old lady. 539 more words


Sốt bạc hà kiểu Ấn Độ (Mint yogurt dipping sauce)

Tuần trước nhà mình đi ăn ở ngoài khá nhiều vì mình về muộn. Ban đầu hai vợ chồng tính kiếm đồ ăn gì quanh cho tiện nhưng các hàng quán đều đã đóng cửa nên hai vợ chồng đi bộ về khu Ấn Độ – trên cùng đường về nhà – để kiếm đồ ăn. 770 more words

Deafult Cat