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Let's Simplify This Pile Together

Let’s simplify this pile together.  You don’t have to make any decisions.  Just be here with me. This one’s a tough one and I could really use the company and moral support. 748 more words


Modern Statement Jewellery from Jemsa

As any modernist might propound, the contemporary approach to jewellery is far removed from Elizabeth Taylor’s brand of florid decadence. Today, like all walks of fashion, art and design, wearing jewellery is just as much about the mood and attitude as it is about the actual pieces. 262 more words

Style & Accessories

Afternoon De-cluttering, with (Terrible) Pictures!

I’ve been getting a little annoyed with my apartment as of late….a huge reason being my husband decided he wanted to bring back his second bike from his parents house…without thinking of where we would be able to store it. 358 more words


Saturdate's OOTD

Last week I posted about my Saturdate at Chili’s and today I am posting what I wore to last week’s saturdate.

For years, patterns such as polka dots, checkered and stripes, has always been on trend and will never be out of trend. 409 more words


Day 14: Abstract Leaves

Sitting out in the park today, these long leaves were shooting up from some, as yet unseen, flower. I loved the lines, the light shining through and the little glimpse of blue sky through the shades of green. 20 more words


All the small things 

Minimalism isn’t a one-and-done decision and sometimes it’s not easy to continue on the minimalist path.

We have thrown out, sold, and donated probably two-thirds of our things and we still have loads more to do. 346 more words