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The Road to Nothing

I was looking for the sewing machine’s pedal when the avalanche of stuff came crashing down.

I started crying.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Maybe it’s hormones. 330 more words


Anticipation Ruins Excitement

Sometimes I anticipate an exciting prospect so much that I forget to experience it.

That isn’t to say excitement is bad, or that no one should look forward to their next vacation or their next big project. 574 more words

Less Is More

Messy Closet

My closet was perfectly clean and organized, and now it’s a disaster. It’s partially my fault (well technically it’s entirely my fault), because it’s coming up on Metrocon and I suddenly got a bunch of cosplay supplies, but I had to quickly put it all away and don’t have a dedicated spot for active cosplay items yet. 157 more words