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My Minimalist Living Room + Tips + Fast Cleaning & Organizing + On a Budget Decorating

A typical living room in almost every part of the world has a couch or two, maybe even an arm chair, a coffee table with candles/books/flowers or anything along those lines, a TV stand with it’s TV and bookcase(s). 1,887 more words


Choosing Poverty

This story starts with a decision made on a whim to uproot my life and move to California. I made this leap in part to be with another kindred spirit I hardly knew; we connected over talk of leaving our old lives behind and living a radically different one. 468 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

How To Get Ready in 10 Minutes

It’s 6:40 am and you have to be out the door my 6:50…AAAHHHHHHH!!!

You panic all of a sudden, but then you relax because you were already prepared and you go “phew!” . 817 more words

Minmalist Living

Less is More. Way More.

When I started to think about the story of our big, little move I realized I kept out a few parts of the story that add elements of hilarity to the situation, so allow me to back up a few years. 481 more words

Small Spaces

The Purge, aka Wanna Buy a Couch?

When you put 800 square feet into perspective, it becomes stifling small. It also makes me laugh when I used to complain about the size of our current house, all 2,200 square feet of it (1,200 of which I never really use, so at least there’s that!). 1,202 more words

Small Spaces

Our BIG, little News

Our journey has been long. Nine months ago we started on a path with the ending unknown. With my hands full at home, and Mr. M’s commute getting the better of all of us, we knew we had to make a change. 682 more words

Adventures In Mommyhood

100 Things Challenge

First off- I don’t plan to get rid of everything I own except for 100 things. In my current life stage, it seems overwhelming and impractical. 699 more words