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Are you suffering from stuffocation?

Stuff. Just lots of stuff everywhere. That was our dilemma three years ago when we emigrated to Canada. Packing up and distributing boxes to our families – it was five years of our lives in Dublin packed into 20 boxes. 511 more words

Disposable Clothes

The beginning

We live in a world full of clutter. Cluttered homes with cluttered rooms, cluttered inbox, cluttered desks, cluttered calendars and cluttered minds. We hold onto things “just in case”, and we think having more will… 82 more words


Is Fear of Leaving Empty-Handed Making You Shop?

Fear of Leaving Empty-Handed

Have you ever gone into a shop and browsed, only to feel like the woman behing the counter is watching you, and like you can’t leave empty handed? 1,429 more words


Into Mind

I want to share with you an amazing website that really helped me get started on downsizing my closet and figuring out how to create a good wardrobe for myself that cycles healthily like a living organism rather than something stagnant and boring. 99 more words


Desperately seeking a minimalistic lifestyle

        I have not written in a very long time, I put my efforts into my physical, mental health because in the fall I was hospitalized four times. 481 more words

I started this year with simpler goals than in years past. Watching a documentary on the cost of human progress a few days ago has made me want to simplify even more. 69 more words


The stuff paradox: Dealing with clutter in the US

6 February 2015 – BBC News

The stuff paradox: Dealing with clutter in the US

By Jane O’Brien BBC News, Washington

While more and more Americans struggle to make do with less due to economic hardship, others are making a conscious choice to shed their possessions. 87 more words

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