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How To Sell Everything and Travel around the World


It’s just . . . empty.

After my two-day liquidation sale, the house is emptier than it has ever been.

One of the ways I am funding my trip around the world is by liquidating my possessions. 1,515 more words

World Travel

Beauty on a Budget | My Travel Friendly Top 5

I got my first job at the age of 14 which only lasted a month because of all of the traveling I was doing, and from then on I would jump from job to job… all which were temporary. 711 more words

Minmalist Living

Laundry: the Minimalist Way

Laundry: such a daunting word to so many people. It’s that necessary task that most of us dread because it seems like there’s always a mountain of it and it’s impossible to get to the bottom of it. 1,205 more words



What is Tiny Living?

Ever since the days of “The American Dream,” U.S. houses have witnessed a substantial growth in size, averaging around 2,500 square feet today. 767 more words


Become a zen monk on the road

Being fresh out of college and earning a paycheck for the first few years, I’m a sucker for saving money. But if you look at the way I sometimes drive, you might think I’m somewhat akin to a rap star with money swimming in my bathtub. 544 more words


Cutting Back on Expenses + How we live on $40 of Groceries a Week

This post is a bit different than usual, but in the end it all connects. The one thing we usually don’t mind spending money is food. 1,368 more words