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Two Closets to Three Drawers

The dresser in my bedroom has five drawers. The top two have been claimed, one for the wife and one for myself. The others, until… 379 more words

Plastic free hot chocolate

I’ve been experimenting with finding alternatives to both traditional drinking chocolate and instant hot chocolate drinks. Both of these- though lovely- come in plasticised containers. According to one book I read (albeit an old edition of the Tightwad Gazette written in the 1990s), making your own should be cheaper. 298 more words


A Tale of Three Brothers

Recently I’ve stumbled upon this great YouTube video:

We experience the same taxing here in Israel. this implies that from each Shekel I earn, the government taxes up to 50% (Depends on my income of course). 123 more words


The Room EVERYONE Visits!

Next up… the bathroom. That’s right! There’s no hiding this room from company! Let’s tackle this clutter magnet once and for all!

Again we’re going to begin by emptying out anything and everything that isn’t fastened to the floor! 970 more words

Slippery Budgets, and the Temptation of Extra

Paying bills at the end of last month was a happy occasion. I had set a very strict spending budget for myself, and managed to come in just under with very little sacrifice. 661 more words

If We Were Having Coffee, 2/28/15

I got this idea, yet again, from Nerd In The Brain, who got the idea fromĀ Part Time Monster, the mastermind behind it. I like to take the time to just ramble about my week/ what’s on my mind, and what better way to do it in writing than to pretend I am conversing over coffee with readers. 589 more words