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Gustave and Zero: At Your Service

Lavish new making of  book on the popular Wes Anderson film. Wes  Anderson has created the world of an Eastern European hotelier as told in numerous flashbacks. 31 more words


For Narnia . . . and the South?

At the beginning of the book “Prince Caspian,” the Pevensie children were waiting for a train to return them to boarding school.  Instead, the train whisked them back into Narnia.   710 more words


Clearly I must do this #roleplayinggames #painting

Ever since the first time I played in my Denver game I have been thinking about miniatures. Specifically their use while role playing. And it has been more present since I introduced their use with the boys in their game. 351 more words

Role Playing Games

They Are Here! Codex: Star Wars

It took a long time (may not be using that particular printers again, but they are finally here – the final printed versions of the Star Wars/40k Codexes! 221 more words


Reaper Rat - Airbrush Highlights

I don’t think it shows that much in the picture, but I got a highlight layer on with the airbrush. It was a 50/50 mix of reapers MSP grey and white. 23 more words


The Coolest Kid In Town

We often use this expression to describe some teenage tearaway or the latest stubbled cinema star – I think it was Madonna some time ago – but really how close do any of them get to it? 195 more words


Dat Witch!

Hey guys, I’m so excited, I can’t believe I ever did it. Yesterday I had to meet a guy selling some miniatures to fill the gaps of my collection… looking at all the minis, I started to pick the ones I was interested in (will show you in the next days) and then my attention was caught by a model between them.. 100 more words