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Hello dear readers and clickers and clickers and readers, it’s been awhile!

It’s a rare occurrence these days, but recently I found myself in the mood to paint some 15mm Confederates. 317 more words


New Build - БТР-80!

I’ve finished my little background write up on the build and have already started working on the kit. Not much progress yet, but will have an update soon!. 11 more words


Sci-Fi Construction Crew

Who builds all of those miniature future utopian/dystopian/pre-apocalyptic buildings?  These rapidly painted guys, that’s who. 351 more words


Moving Sale

falcI’m moving back to Seattle next month and I have a bunch of books, card decks, map packs, and minis that I’d like to sell now so I don’t have to move them. 1,494 more words

Roleplaying Games

Suitcase Doll House - Part 1

We have an old doll house inside the house that used to be mine when I was a kid – Evie LOVES it!

However, it is quite big and has tons of small plastic pieces of furniture. 533 more words


Miniature guns

Thre miniature revolvers that work with those small shots and one hand granade that works as a lighter! 15 eur



I keep adding members to my Nasier force from Wrath of Kings.

The Rathor is a big specialist model, standing on a huge 50mm base. Thus he’s got a lot of detail and room for decoration. 149 more words