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Monday Miniatures: Red Dragon (Guest starting Dirk and Antonia)

This week we present not only a flight of half finished dragons, but a rare treat. Below is a tutorial on how to do a particularly beautiful but not-quite-as-complicated-as-it-seems effect (but-still-pretty-complicated.) 1,222 more words


Blocking Out An Image

I am sort of ambivalent about being unsure whether to go one of two ways about this – more or less. On one hand is the desire to sadden and offend a clean and decent group of people and on the other hand there are four fingers and the thumb. 454 more words


WARMACHINE Mercenaries Gorman Di Sea Wulfe...

This is a special version of Gorman Di Wulfe that was given exclusively to Press Gangers. I forget this and sometimes get called out during a game with a “Who the hell is that?!” or “So uhhh where’s Gorman?”. 118 more words


Recreating the Pennsylvania Flying Camp in 28mm

So here is something completely different from the usual here. A few months back I began getting back into model miniatures, which has given me the opportunity to have some fun with historical presentations. 244 more words

American History

First attempt at magnetising!

Decided to magnetise my croissant to give me some flexibility in my lists. Don’t think I did a terrible job, but in hindsight, I would never ever glue something like this and try and magnetise it later. 54 more words