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Watch: Brian Fagan "The Great Warming"

This video has a bit over 4300 views. Al Gore gets tens and hundreds of thousands!

It brings alive the experiences of our ancestors and how they faced the warm climate of the time. 29 more words

Mini Ice Age

Nepal Earthquake - Similar pattern seen at start of Little Ice Age

Above and below the Nepal earthquake captured as it happened. It is all the more poignant when you see how every day normal life was happening only to be snatched away in an instant. 428 more words

Mini Ice Age

April Fools... I Ain't Laughing Ma Nature

I used to be pumped when April swung around. So full of promise with the whisper of barely warmed breezes, that hint of greening in the branches.   84 more words

And You Thought All I Talked About Was Writing

ICE AGE COMETH? North Pole Frozen Solid - South Pole Re-Freezing

Comment:  Clandestine efforts to control and warm the climate with aerosol geoengineering are probably failing to overcome the inconvenient truth of a powerful mini ice-age. 279 more words

Global Warming