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I've been to the place.

I’ve been to the place,

Where angels fly far too high,

Out of reach,

And demons roam among us.

Where there is no light and no dark, 564 more words


It turns out I don’t have very much summer wear.  So today, I trundled off in the heat, to JC Penney to solve that particular problem. 733 more words

Peter Hambro's nightmare when his Russian Gold miner nearly went out of business

From the Telegraph, by Andrew Critchlow, Jul 2015

A tumbling gold price nearly wrecked plans for the Russian gold mining company Petropavlovsk

From his Mayfair office overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace, Peter Hambro the scion of the storied City banking dynasty is in reminiscent mood. 300 more words

REAL Money

Jatuh? Cinta?

Sampai pada hati yang dihujani bunga.
Kau mencari keberadaannya. Kau bahkan tak tenang sebelum melihatnya. Lalu, kau memutuskan keliling dengan detakan geli. Melihat kanan kiri. Berjalan terus sampai, nah kau sudah menemukannya bukan? 103 more words


Yang lalu sudah berlalu
Tertumpuk beku pada yang baru
Padahal tak bawa tungku
Tapi selalu panas hingga layu


Capricorn Midheaven, elements

You have to fundamentally initiate into the elements. Earth. Connect with it. Touch it. Smell it. Walk barefoot, and feel it. Make a beginning. Return to the prime essence, touch the divine. 147 more words