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Random #20 : Jadi Diri Sendiri

Ini topik yang pasti banyak orang udah pernah bicarain. Menjadi diri sendiri..

Sebenernya gw lagi agak krisis kepercayaan diri nih. Kenapa? Karena.. sepertinya gak ada orang yang ‘seneng’ atau peduli sama apa yang lagi gw kerjakan. 451 more words

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So recently I’ve been feeling under the weather. I feel in the back of my mind that it’s depression, but I don’t really want to say it out loud. 323 more words


an Authentic Korea Fried Chicken

… krik krik.
Anak Jogja, sudah pada tahu kan kalau sekarang Jogja juga punya Authentic Korea Fried Chicken? Yup! It’s 359 more words



Why can’t you just accept the blame
Do you think an admission of guilt would tarnish your name?
Well it’s already tainted, like an amateur took a brush to the Mona Lisa and painted… 130 more words

Creative Writing

"Mine" - Phoebe Ryan

This is that song that you can only really energetically hum in an off-key falsetto because you don’t want to keep yourself from being able to hear the artist– in short, I’ve had it on replay all weekend. Listen!!


Dear Brittany

When you slipped your fingers between mine on that cold March afternoon I would’ve never thought that one day they would be inside you while you were thinking of him. 346 more words

''So called Lover'' Original Poem: By Lizzy

‘’So- Called Lover’’ Original Poem: By Lizzy

So, I thought this was going to be easy
Oh and it’s so not, believe me.
I mean there’s so much to discover, 152 more words