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I have issues with control. Not people but what happens in my life. I think it is just part of who I am and how I am wired. 197 more words



23 Μαΐου 2015 Ημέρα του Κρόνου (Σάββατο) προς 24 Μαΐου Ξημέρωμα Ημέρας Ήλιου…

Στο όνειρο, απο τα πολλά που βιώνω κάθε νύχτα, ήμουν με μια ομάδα αρχαιολόγων ή αρχαιοκάπηλων και ψάχναμε για θησαυρούς στην Αίγυπτο.


A Forever Love

Loved and lost

Gave my heart and my all

Gave until I was lost

Until I didn’t know who I was anymore

Always trying to fit into their boxes… 207 more words

Mr. D

having you

For I am in a dark place right now but you seem to know how to remind me that there really is joy in anything. There really is hope even if I cannot see it for some time now. 96 more words



Reflection mine,

Sees a transition,


Zero to to this.

Beneath The Stars

The Road

Sleep and breath and dreams
Are things I’ve lost my appetite for
Replaced by tears of pain and screams
While I’m curled up on the floor… 89 more words


Spunky Builds Again~~~ Build Three: The Lounge

Ok, so it may not be a request, I feel it has been far too long since I built something nice. Behold! My best build yet: the lounge.