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I Need You

The constant lack of your touch makes me feel so empty.
Come back and hold me like you used to.
Embrace me in your strong arms. 32 more words


"I sent you roses, you sent me thorns. I suppose it's time for your thank you card."

Of course, I want you to move on when it’s your time. Of course, I want you to have a happy life. // But first, I want you to hurt. 97 more words

How To Meet The President

Tulisan ini hanya curahan hati seorang mahasiswi jurusan ilmu komunikasi Universitas kristen Satya Wacana yang sedang berjuang menghubungi Ir. H. Joko Widodo untuk wawancara demi memperoleh data primer dari skripsinya. 146 more words



there’s a story behind every diamond ring
of an ill-begotten love that the blue jays sing
but since that’s not the story they tell you… 133 more words

Original Work

Truth be told, he could no longer carry books. His ability to float above the pages made him dangerous. The physical nature of the material was meaningless, the mental exploration was flight.


I wont take what you have;
But you can’t really have what’s mine