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"My Happy" Behind the Scenes

Wow! I can’t believe I am approaching the 1st anniversary of “My HappyCreating Your Happy. I knew this blog would be important to me, I didn’t realize how much. 460 more words


What is your best?

After my father read the post about giving the best effort possible, I had a conversation with him that really made me think. He said “Some people use ‘I did/am doing my best,’ as an excuse and give up trying”. 192 more words

Life Lessons

The One Question You Need to Answer to Create New Habits

“I will only have ONE cookie. “

5 minutes later: “Ok, maybe just one more.”

About a month ago I discovered Gretchen Rubin’s new Podcast…

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How To Find Your Fire In Life

How To Find Your Fire In Life

At some point you need to find the FIRE in your life, it’s so easy to live easy. You may feel like you want an easy life, but with easy comes boredom. 118 more words


Look further than the profession and become a lender instead of a borrower

Good-day. How are you doing today? I hope you are having a great day.
I always like to drop this kind of articles on Saturdays just to ensure you start off the next week on a good note. 1,121 more words


Why I Won't Call You Smart

I’ve basically removed the word “smart” from my vocabulary, at least when referring to individuals. In fact, I almost cringe when I hear someone else use it and if you’ve been around me you probably already know why: 662 more words


Memaknai tentang Rezeki

Banyak orang berpendapat bahwa
  • Rezeki itu diperoleh dari Hasil Usaha Sendiri
  • Pedagang yang memperoleh keuntungan dari jualannya
  • Dokter yang menerima Upah karena mengobati pasiennya
  • Dll …
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