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Doing The Most: When We Put Way Too Much On Our Plates

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

In other words, do you say “yes” to everything that sounds good, only to realize later that there is no possible way that you could get to everything you signed up for/agreed to/had an idea about? 291 more words


Living the Moment vs. Living Productively

There are times where I want to let go and not worry about the work I’m not doing. In those particular times, I know I can’t rip away the thought of what I have to do to be productive. 656 more words


Day Eighty-Six: The Pursuit Of Happiness

I think we can all agree that there are days when it feels as though happiness is always just out of reach and an end to our ever-growing bout of sadness is nowhere to be found!  965 more words


How We Respond to Life Affects Our Children

The other day, there was a roach in our den.  I know – gross.  I tried to pick it up with a paper towel, but it kept slipping out and landing on my hand.  457 more words


Just Plain Good for You

As winter gives way to spring in the northern latitudes, taking some exercise outside gets a little more appealing. Some people are out there training up, but… 25 more words