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What I would have wanted to know before coming to China for the first time (Part 5)

… continued from Part 4.

At a restaurant, it’s normal for only one person to get the menu and order food for everyone.

At most restaurants in this southwestern city in China, don’t wait for your turn to see the menu. 398 more words


How To Reprogram Your Subconcious Mind-[4 Part Video Series]

I have gotten feedback with a certain individual in the past asking me about my personal coaching sessions. Well, here is your first chance now.. Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind for wealth and be in the  81 more words

Enlightened Wealth Coaching & Mindset

5 Keys to the Right Mindset for Growth and Success

Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset, described mindset as either a fixed one or growth-oriented. At any given point, each one of us can have either type of mindset. 551 more words


Not Every Day is a Good Day, plus Turtle Sex...

Today’s word count: 456

Today wasn’t a normal day.

I felt like it wasn’t my day when I was waking up. It was difficult. I almost went back to sleep. 554 more words

Writing And Storytelling Advice

Beyond the Bounds of 'Adoption'

We all like to have our own imprints on this planet. While imprints can have a lot of connotations but with my observation in a last couple of days, they have been mostly about leaving your imprints on the blessed earth only via your own offspring and imagine, in India if you happen to be married for over an year, the most promising probable question you can expect popping for you is “Is there a good news?” and the disappointing answer could be a sighed blatant “no”. 503 more words


Are you ready?

Your goals are… and they’re getting tired of waiting. 

No doubt, you’ve tried before. Maybe it even went well for a little while, but like most people with performance or body composition goals, you backtracked, failed and maybe even wound up worse off than you were before. 448 more words


November Project Day 1 - 6 AM what?!

Somehow I recruited my fellow newbie teacher Danna to  get up and out to Emily Murphy Park for a 30 minute hill run with Project November at 6 am this morning.   40 more words