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Worry about worry - Julian Eldridge

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How do you decide what to worry about? I know it isn’t usually a matter of choice. 426 more words



Dear Friends,
I’ve been away from this blog for nine months. This time period has been spent examining my roots of practice. It felt like an important step aside from whatever else I might choose to do. 462 more words

Plum Village

Summer thoughts

Beautiful warm and Summer weather here in Ireland, the UK and in Europe at the moment. I know that I have posted this before,  but a walk along country roads and in the woods brought it to mind: 95 more words


In the Quiet Hours. Find Positivity.

In the Quiet Hours. Last week I discussed Creating a Positive Environment and how you needed to be serious about it and how there would be difficult decisions to be made. 521 more words


Who is I?

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the years considering my own existence and have revisited my lines of thinking this week as certain life events have pressed upon me to re-examine myself and who I am. 917 more words


Confessions of a "needy" mum

It has been over a year – one year, one month and two weeks to be exact- since losing Joshua. One year, one month and two weeks since the day that forever changed my life. 970 more words

Balancing Act

A magazine arrived in my mailbox today with a tagline something like “Keys to Finding Balance–it really is possible!” Another one I read last week discussed tips for “having it all”, since apparently this is a desire we still ascribe to. 216 more words