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Rx for Winter Weather

Brrrr … cold to the bones and tired of it?

Literally, many of us may be TIRED of the cold winter weather over the last few (too many) weeks. 521 more words

Faculty View

I spy

Not feeling well today. Curled up under the old quilt in my studio.

Don’t feel like doing anything much except noticing…

a grid of March sunlight… 10 more words

Old Quilt

Spring forward into self love by starting with self awareness

Officially just around the bend, spring brings endless possibilities for personal growth and transformation.  Self love is a vital concept for establishing mindful wellness in our daily lives. 104 more words


Embrace the suck!

“Embrace the suck!” We used to say that to each other in the Army during miserable all day training exercises.  These training excursions were always accompanied by temps in the 30’s and 40’s and steady perpetual rain. 277 more words


Why not

Why not long for the ocean’s
Timeless wisdom
Why not invite the moon to
Chase your shadow in the woods
Why not allow the sun’s warmth to… 21 more words


Listening Can Be Powerful, Developed,, With Practice!!!

A visualization practice: Sit quietly, picture yourself at the edge of a forest or jungle, trying to listen farther and farther into that space. 69 more words


It's all in your perspective

The power of the mind has always been fascinating to me…There is no doubt in my mind that we are intelligently designed.  The minds ability to take a negative life event and change the outlook into something positive so that the negative event no longer is a hindrance but becomes a driving force towards accomplishing your goals is simply AMAZING!   171 more words