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The Essence Of Buddhism

The book I read to research this post was The Essence Of Buddhism by David Tuffley which is a very good book I downloaded for free from kindle. 192 more words

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Three weeks and one day. The time we have left here in New Zealand. Time. It’s ticking away before my eyes.

Scrolling through our ‘To Do’ list just now, it’s hard not to feel overcome. 352 more words


Regarding "Jumping to Conclusions"... (Multi-Photo)


If you are a diminutive jumping spider, by all means jump!  Jumping is your life and calling card.  If you are a human being, by all means jump with your legs and feet too (and exercise a lot).   91 more words


La realidad ineludible

Si podemos vivir el aquí y el ahora desde el yo soy, no cabe mas que el silencio.

Si lo vivimos desde la conciencia de nuestra mente, comprobamos que todo lo que sucede en el aquí y el ahora no puede cambiarse, sea dolor, felicidad, bienestar, sufrimiento, paz, amor, etc. 146 more words



If we choose to live
the deaths of our lives,
small and large,
if we are present to them,
breathe into them,
not gorging on nor eschewing… 39 more words


Listening to the Spaces

Listening is not about words or sound, it is about creating space. It is about creating a special kind of space. When the farmer plants his crop her prepares the space for the seed to be planted. 308 more words


Mindfulness and Meditation: An ancient answer to a modern struggle.

Meditation and the modern struggle

Modern life can be frantic and stressful.  In order to stay successful in this competitive fast paced world we often feel like we can’t slow down, not even for a moment, lest we fall behind in our work, lose sight of our goals or lose our competitive edge.   783 more words