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Goal setting or living in the moment?

A good friend of mine is attempting to advise one of my sons about the importance of goal setting and although I know his intentions are honourable, I hear my son saying things like, “I don’t have a goal” and “I don’t understand why I need to have goals”.   346 more words


Oh, where is Tom?... (Multi-Photo)


Toads and frogs, snakes and snails and insects…

When I was a child, they’d say:

Oh, where is Tom?…

And always the answer was… 93 more words


Sun Sep 14 8ish AM 2014

Listen while you talk.

The purpose of talking is to convey a thought, emotion or idea. A correspondence of sorts. A message. To ensure that the message is properly transmitted and to incite the desired effect, you have to consider who you are communicating with. 77 more words

Primates On Typewriters

100% mindfulness

This morning, I took a walk in my lovely garden… Yesterday, I got a great opportunity to meet up with my new friend, a big black bee. 240 more words


Balancing the minds of the future

The couple of years I spent teaching yoga in schools in São Paulo, Brazil showed me firsthand how strung out and stressed children are, even those of a young age. 949 more words

Healthy Living

No Photos, Please–We’re Paranoid

Image Source: Design of Signage

You may have noticed that although I often speak about my children and grandchildren, I never include photos of identifiable people. 310 more words


Why meditation is good for health? Why meditation and mindfulness matters for a good well-being?

Meditation is a life changer ! Have you ever thought that meditation and mindfulness can change you life from a stressful life to a better happy life? 281 more words