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Knowing Your True Self (5/7): Watching Ourselves

As a result both of my recent Three Brains Revisited sequence and partly as a result of being asked a few weeks ago about what my model of meditation is overall, I was moved to go back to my attempt of many years ago to create a set of experiences that captured what I thought I was seeking to do in periods of quiet reflection, contemplation or meditation (delete as appropriate!). 193 more words


The Colouring Craze (or Coloring, wherever you may be in the world).

I have recently succumbed to the craze that seems to be semi-sweeping the world. At least my little corner of it, anyway. And that is colouring books for adults. 362 more words



For the past 3 weeks I’m trying to practice mindfulness, mainly to reduce my (high level of) stress that I experience on a day to day basis. 320 more words


Mindfulness 201: Mindfulness in Everyday Life

In my last post, I described four basic steps to formal mindfulness practice.  Formal practice is a building block to work towards the ability to apply mindfulness to our everyday existence. 233 more words

Being alive

People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, 35 more words


Treating myself with loving kindness

So I’ve been sick the last 4 days. I took Thursday off work and felt SO guilty for it. I have this issue where I feel guilty if I take time off, no matter how sick I am. 315 more words


How to breathe (in a square)

Shapes are not cool. Running around ovals is traumatizing. Star jumps make you look silly. Don’t even get me started on triangle pose.

But square breathing is the one exception. 436 more words

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