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I've been meaning to write so much but've had so little time

but in the meanwhile, I think I found one of the best things this year:

This is to release the frustrations you have. This is to be at peace with your own beliefs and stand strong with them, even if you do not have a support system. 19 more words

Eat. Pray. Love. Reclaim.

Saturday night was one of the most upsetting nights of my life. Nothing major happened. Nobody was robbed or hurt. Nothing of that sort. But remember how Teal Swan keeps telling us to EMBRACE and SIT WITH our negative emotions instead of running away from them, so that they don’t all manifest right at your doorstep all at once? 881 more words

Surprise death & go beyond death

Death is a very prevalent phenomenon.  But, it remains a mysterious phenomenon as we have not paid sufficient attention to it.  The way to overcome the fear of death is to look into the phenomenon of death before it stares at you.  618 more words


Nature Kidz Retreat June/July 2015 School Holidays

Reiki Kidz has teamed up with talented practitioners who are passionate about our place in this world to create a day for our children.

The day is centred around appreciating and respecting each other and our environment.  329 more words

Just Breathe: Learning How to Handle Anxiety

Everyone deals with anxiety in some capacity. For some, anxiety comes before a test, presentation or meeting. For others, like myself, anxiety can come at any time. 522 more words


Textual Comfort Blanket

Hello Friends,

After my last post I’m still not feeling great. The relentless coursing of thoughts and feelings has now given way and instead I’m left with an overwhelming numbness, feeling everything and nothing at the same time. 473 more words


Een wandeling vol symboliek

Joy joy, happy happy, kriebels in de buik en nog zoveel meer leuke emoties gingen door mijn lijf na de wandeling gisterenavond in de heerlijke Koerselse bossen. 458 more words