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10 Straight Days of Yoga…10 More To Go

10 days ago – on a whim – I decided to embark on a new journey.

Yoga. Every single day. For 20 days.

Brandywine Yoga… 401 more words

The Reiki Precepts

My first post must start with the 5 Reiki Precepts which, whether you are a ‘Reiki’ person or not, these are worth incorporating into your life. 357 more words


Mindfulness Benefits Both Business & Personal Life

In prior posts, we addressed the benefits mindfulness brings to business and personal life. We were preparing to expand on this when we came across an interview in the Harvard Business Review titled… 138 more words

Releasing our true emotions as adults as we would as children.

As adults we like to complicate things. In fact we grow up with the beliefs that being an adult is hard work and stressful.

As children we are pure and innocent because we haven’t experienced much in life.  343 more words


Books to Change Your Life

For Today’s post I thought I’d share a few of the books that I love to flick through, and that through owning, have had a positive impact on my life! 336 more words


The child in my head

It’s funny, when you cultivate enough of a separation between your thoughts, and your Self, to watch the mind at work.  It is something else.  Mine, personally, doesn’t stop!   501 more words

Without Time

Through the letting go of time,
We can find a way, a way that’s unconfined,
Yet it’s through the directing of our mind,
That we can find flow, a way that’s without time… 39 more words