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The Dark Lady

I THINK MANY of us are familiar with her, she is the one that points the way to where we want to be the least but where we need to be the most. 145 more words


The formless void

Recently I’ve found myself thinking about words, language, speech etc. I like words. I like the feel of them. As  a nurse, counsellor and lecturer, words have been my stock in trade. 352 more words

The Inner World

Tip #1: Take a break from reality!

Well the past couple of months have seen some big changes for myself, not all of them good.  It has been hard to focus on the future and on improving my life when every day can be difficult.  361 more words


Are You Breathing?

In for two, hold for two, out for two, hold for two.

This is the basic method for square breathing. My son calls it “book breathing” because he learned to count the breath while drawing a square in the air.   182 more words


Forgiveness Threw Time & Space

Dear children of love and light,

I wanted to share a beautiful Hawaiian practice that a dear friend of mine has shared with me when I had much remorse, guilt and past hurts that were not emptied and cleansed from my heart, my mind and my body. 297 more words


Reading /r/suicidewatch

Prefacing note: I am not currently contemplating suicide. If you feel like you are, please talk to someone, whether it’s me or someone else, please talk to someone. 401 more words