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Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument"

Robyn is awesome all by herself and Röyksopp are like a legend by now. Mix all that with an LSD mind trip and you’ve got the new Monument Song and Video. 96 more words


much like a hermit crab


she enters backward…
much like a hermit crab entrances
a vacant shell encumbered…though
she not with balance angling claws

instead, she drags luggage through the door, 148 more words


The Great Classics

The importance of learning from the great classics and the need for role models

In every university, the library occupies a prominent position. Many of the greatest writers of our time, people who moulded the thought of our country, were students all their lives, pursuing their studies in libraries.  543 more words


The Heart. The Mind. The Gut. And Awakening. 

I’m not sure what’s going on in “my life” at the moment. But I feel as though inner nonresistance just ramped itself up to a level that I have not been looking forward to. 55 more words


Do you see me?

Smoke and fame take shape

Twisted bound a web of string

You can turn it off


The Walls Are Glowing To Annoy Me

Just a break imagined even would do fine. The possible reminder, orbiting by chance. Fact gathering. Soul searching. Drawing water from the spring. Sitting atop concrete under this yellow sun. 181 more words

Short Pieces

Same dream, different scenario.

For the second time, i’ve been dreaming of a dead person and a dog. Different scenario though: a person dies in front of me, some say he’s not dead, but I know he is… I see this person’s face in the dream…it’s not blurry at all, but I don’t know him or recall seeing him anywhere outside the dream. 377 more words