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Big empty

Ever sit in a bar or something and imagine you’re in  a movie?  I used to do that a lot.  Only i was never the star.  240 more words


Hard to understand 

It’s often hard to understand what someone is going through if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Although I try my hardest on this blog to give insight into mental illness, I found an article that might perhaps read better to some of you. 1,142 more words

Remember Our Future

When we go, we stop staying still

When we say yes, we say no to what is not yes

When we are happy, it is due to our capacity to feel sad… 9 more words


9 Sure-fire Tips to Expand Your Mind!

Life is too short to be content with commonplace ideas and philosophies society bombards us with. What use is being called Homo sapiens, “the thinking man,” if we refrain from using every bit of time we have left to enhance our meditating faculties? 16 more words



This is going to be a very brief post, but there is some important information to share, about three petitions that are at different stages of their lives. 209 more words

Artist ( A Monologue)

I want to boldly tell you; I am an artist. I’m sure you already knew that or at least suspected. I mean how can anyone really hide their creativity? 244 more words