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A man I'd love to meet

Oh seriously, if you’re talking the past, then I can see why Jean fell for William Powell, and why she was quite happy to regularly work with Clark Gable, shall we say? 364 more words



NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Which in my opinion is owned lock stock and barrel by the CABAL is currently doing DAMAGE CONTROL with a newly released Documentary on MIND CONTROL and the CIA. 423 more words

[Akazawa RED] The Lovely Kuu-chan

Damn you Pavlov indeed.
Check the Panda or below:



The Orchard

The fruits of our labour will not ripen in our lifetime. The Father teaches that we do not pray and work for ourselves but for our grandchildren. 1,621 more words

Pen Of The Damned


As I open page after page on the Internet, looking for things to post on my blog that are important for everyone to know, the only thing that I can see on alternative web sites are MORE OF THE SAME OLD – SAME OLD! 539 more words


Have you noticed that when in a bad mood and you focus on what swayed you into that mind state in the first place, regaining balance and sight of the light at the end of the tunnel is seemingly difficult? 225 more words


Why is BCI technology emerging

This technology is emerging primarily because of our underlying goal as humans for a more direct link between the brain and the external world. With the goal of medicine to help improve the quality of life,this new technology is the next step in… 68 more words

Current BCI