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Hollywood Occult - What's New?

Rarely have I suggested a movie. It’s just too problematic – people easily misunderstand.
In this case, there is a movie that apparently
documents the largely occult workings of Hollywood via the new film “Starry Eyes”. 159 more words

The Power of Mind Control!

Have you ever found yourself thinking you could alter the course of events of a particular situation and you actually see things happening in your line of thoughts? 484 more words

Inpirational Mind Control

In these days of imagination.

Where free-thought is forbidden.

The masses gather where they’re told.

To think manufactured thoughts.

Seeking salvation from one man. 66 more words

Thomas Ryan

mind control

내가 이렇게 화가 나는 것..

모든 것이 기다림인 지금 심신이 지친 내 자격지심이라 해 두자.

Wherever you are try to see where others are at.. if you care.


Neurocinema; This Is Your Brain On Movies

Movies have always possessed a way of making us feel a certain way. Wither we realized this or not, our minds are also being stimulated and… 342 more words

Book: Symbiont

The enemy is inside us.

The end began in a thousand places at the same time, sending little cracks through the foundation of mankind’s casual dominion over the Earth. 557 more words