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Like Machines

In this modern world one of the things that is happening because of mechanisation and industrialisation is that human beings are also becoming more and more machine-like, automatic. 184 more words


Meet the Woman With No Sense of Personal Space

Even if she only met you moments ago, S.M. wastes little time in getting close. She’ll chat with her new acquaintances while touching them on the arm, which is not so bad in itself, but she also is just as likely to poke them in the stomach, all while standing abnormally, uncomfortably close. 773 more words

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People and Food, 3

When “Tor” began training for his first triathlon, one of his spin teachers urged him to see Doctor A (not his real initial), “a genius doctor”: Ivy League degrees, a prestigious fellowship, publications galore. 4,314 more words


Fitspiration: Crushing Egos Everywhere

According to recent studies (as proliferated in an article by: Katherine Schreiber), most fitspiration is largely very useless in gaining what it attempts: inspiring people to exercise more and lead healthier lives.   244 more words

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Depression Linked to Death of Many Heart Failure Patients

SATURDAY, May 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Depression significantly increases the risk of death in heart failure patients, a new study finds.

Heart failure patients with moderate to severe depression had a five times higher risk of death than those with no or mild depression, researchers found. 341 more words

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Change and Impermanence

Be open to any change that may arise physically and mentally and even externally. If we insist that change should take place according to our own idea, then when there is change which does not correspond to that idea it leads to suffering. 218 more words


7 Things in Wine You Didn't Know Were There (And How They Affect Your Health)

Sulfites, tannins, resveratrol—if you’ve read anything about wine, you’ve probably come across at least one of these terms. But what does all the fancy verbiage mean for your health? 896 more words

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