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"Three coins in the fountain" of the monetary policy stance. Unanimously, they say interest rate does not define the stance!

First Milton Friedman:

The Federal Reserve cannot and does not control interest rates, though its actions clearly have an effect – but in a more complex way…

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Monetary Policy

In 1992, Milton Friedman Said the Fed Was Too Tight!

A Benjamin Cole post

“The Federal Reserve has reduced the federal funds rate repeatedly from nearly 10% in 1989 to about 3% recently. According to conventional wisdom on Wall Street, that is evidence that monetary policy has been extremely easy, that the Fed has done all it can to stimulate the economy, and that it is pushing on a string, as another ancient cliché has it. 255 more words

Monetary Policy

Milton Friedman on Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” 1994 Interview

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2011

Says Federal Reserve should be abolished, criticizes Keynes. One of Friedman’s best interviews, discussion spans Friedman’s career and his view of numerous political figures and public policy issues.


All Else Equal, Tax Season a Good Time to Right-size your W-4 Withholdings

Here is a macro scenario for households looking to improve their financial positions – an “Operation Twist” on W-4 tax withholdings in order to free up cash for individuals. 781 more words


"One of the great mistakes is ..." Milton Friedman quote

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results”

Milton Friedman


How I Became a Hardcore Free-Trade Libertarian.

In 2010, I saw this video:

It all clicked. It all made sense.

Milton Friedman laid it all out: when people are allowed to work and trade freely, the mantra of society is “Let’s make a deal”. 82 more words