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Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 8

Just when you think they are getting somewhere . . . 

Tai had his share of walks (THREE in the first FOUR innings) but, didn’t give up his first hit until the 5th . 353 more words


Mass communication in Dublin

Political activism is a central part of any free society, but the way a society communicates its political zeal differs. Ireland and the United States are both wrestling through the issue of gay marriage. 1,002 more words

Mass Media In The UK

Get Ready for Summer Reading: Encourage "WILD READERS"

Are your kids “wild readers”?  Are you?  I know I am!  For one, I read a book about reading.  But how do I share that love of books with my children? 218 more words


MO - Police, volunteers looking for missing girl in Lawrence County | Local - KY3.com

MILLER, Mo. – The FBI is now involved in the search for a missing 12 year old girl in Lawrence County. Haylie Douglas was last seen Friday afternoon outside her home in Miller. 30 more words


La escuela histérica y la sociedad infatuada

La escuela es exactamente la fuerza capaz de volver a poner al analista en una posición analizante con respecto al sujeto supuesto saber, de volver a ponerlo en relación con la ignorancia.

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El analista-analizado.

Con la introducción del pase, creó al analizado, le dio una definición rigurosa, que se supone demostrable, y lo distinguió del practicante del análisis. Distinguió entre el analizado y el practicante, y hasta instauró entre ambos algo como una etiqueta, una precedencia, el privilegio del primero sobre el segundo, planteando que el analista por excelencia es el analizado.

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Revisionary Play...Studies in the Spenserian Dynamics:

Berger, Harry. 1988. Revisionary play: studies in the Spenserian dynamics. Berkeley: University of California Press, 49-72.

Revisionary Play: Session 3