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Nerd Prom: How Comedy Works With Politics

Tonight was the ‘Saturday night live’ of the year as the worlds of politics, media and Hollywood collided in the nation’s capital. While the history… 597 more words

The internet is the lifeblood for media and millennials

Millennial’s are getting their news  off of the internet now. The footprint of newspaper has diminished quite a bit in the pass five years. Why wait all day for a newspaper when you can look at your phone and go on the… 94 more words

Frank Bruni: The G.O.P.’s Gay Pretzels

NEW YORK TIMES — TO: 2016 Presidential Candidates

FROM: The Image Rehabilitation Subcommittee of the R.N.C.

RE: Our big, fat gay predicament

Dear Gentlemen and Carly Fiorina, 137 more words


Housing News: A Week In Review

April is ‪‎New Homes Month‬!  Here’s a checklist for you & your builder to do the final inspection on your new home. 92 more words


The Demographic Times They Are A-Changin’

I’ve heard it said that by mid-century whites will be a minority in the United States. But strictly speaking this isn’t true.

The Center for American Progress… 844 more words

Introduction to the Best Blog on the Internet

Introductory Statement to the General Public:

So, I’ve been thinking about and planning this blog for quite some time, and I’m excited to get writing! These past few months have been eye opening to say the least, and I realized that there are too few young people these days writing about things that most people may not even think to write about, and even some of the stuff we write about is either shallow, dishonest, or just complete bull shit. 147 more words

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