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YikYak... Yuk?: What Anonymity Revealed at Sen. Cruz's Announcement

Nothing says millennials and politics more than a presidential candidacy announcement at a university convocation. On Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz became the first Republican to… 694 more words

Objective reality as a backdrop for the expression of liberal values

Seems several gaggles of my fellow New York Millennials have been taking selfies with the burning wreckage at the corner of Second Avenue and Seventh Street in the background. 137 more words


Becoming the Phoenix

The phoenix must burn to emerge — Janet Fitch

It’s hard to start over, but it’s even harder to accept failure.

I was at loss of words as I found out I was being terminated from my job.

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Millennials and religion: the great divide

Millennials are disassociating with organized religion in higher numbers than ever–is a religion free society the next step for the United States?


There are 80 million millennials in the U.S. 84 more words

Trolling on the Floor Laughing: Millennials and Comedy

The story of “Ruth Ann” that I posted a few weeks ago served as a general introduction to Millennials. Since I know how physically taxing it is to scroll down to my previous post, l’ll do a quick recap of the basic anatomy of a millennial right here, right now. 1,153 more words

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  This article on millennial humor is hilarious. And I would know because I am a millennial. -“According to Megan Krtek, author of the article “Millennials and Comedy: 5 Brands Getting it Right,” Millennials like humor that feels natural and authentic. They’re put-off by humor that seems like it’s trying too hard.” -“They’re comfortable with uncomfortable truths.” -“Additionally, Chanon Cook, a research executive for Comedy Central, asserts that Millenials tend to value absurd comedy over sarcastic comedy.” -“…the next time you want to try to make a Millennial laugh, act natural, try and make them uncomfortable, or be absurd. One of the three should do the trick.” -“Millennials have been called “pragmatic idealists.” Perhaps an unexpected result of pragmatism is how it’s shaping millennials’ sense of humor. Millennials seem to prefer to use self-deprecating, and post-ironic humor.” Yes, yes, yes and yes.

The Importance of Networking

Countless times I have heard “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” I have found this statement to be very true. I have landed three different jobs simply because I knew the right people. 317 more words

Human Resources

Minimalism on the Rise

It’s just not going away.  What’s that you ask?  Minimizing, minimalism, scaling back purchasing stuff just for the sake of accumulating more stuff.  Living in smaller spaces, easing our environmental footprint, living more intentionally with an eye towards fully embracing experiences without burdening ourselves with stuff. 211 more words