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Don't Let Adults Play Pretend

This isn’t my usual post formal, but it is something that I feel needs to be said. As my family’s resident Angry Feminist, I’ve sparked quite a few debates by sharing things on social media addressing the racial issues that very clearly still exist today, feminist issues, and things that overall dissect some negative aspects of our government practices. 680 more words


Yo mama got bills! Yo sista got bills! Yo auntie got bills!

If you replace the lyrics “I got bills” with I got crippling student loan debt accompanied by ridiculously accrued interest rates and a low job pool upon graduation… 8 more words


Why The Easter Bunny Gets A Bad Rap

The time is almost upon us when the Easter Bunny hits town and dumps mega amounts of chocolate, jelly beans, and multi-colored eggs into the straw-weaved, baskets of millions of lucky kids. 801 more words

Human Interest

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit

I have always loved ownership; the very word sounds prestigious. To be an owner means you are important; you have arrived. When you own something you have an inheritance for your children; which is something that the Bible clearly admonishes us to have for our children. 819 more words

What Do Millennials Think Of Sacramento?

What do millennials think of Sacramento?? Surveys have been conducted to find the answer!! For those of you who don’t know, “millennials” are the Generation Y: people born from the 1980s to the 2000s. 117 more words


Millenials Infographic

I recently posted about the various generations out there and for us to be aware that not all “Gen Y” / Millenials are technical experts or even minded in some cases. 35 more words


One Year Since Graduation

To think that this time last year, my main concern was just graduating. I had finals coming up, and I had to find a place to live before I got kicked out of the dorms. 461 more words