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Stacked Odds: On Life as a Millenial

If you’re part of the generation born from the late 1980s until the early 2000s or you have any contact with this group – or haven’t been living in a cave – you will likely be familiar with the term ‘Millennials’. 993 more words

Why worship should be weird and churches should be small

This morning I read two brilliant blog posts on church. The first one was by Philip Yancey advocating the strengths of small churches over large ones (and making some accurate observations about families along the way) and the second one was by blogger Rachel Held Evans on why the church should stop trying to be ‘cool’ in a bid to attract younger members. 702 more words


It's all about us, and that's okay

Like the people born in the 50’s are baby boomers, we, the people born between 1980 and 2000, are Millennials. Our generation has gained a bad rep these past years for not going to college, for an obsession with technology and ourselves: Time magazine calls us the “me me me” generation in their May 2013 issue, and now they have an entire sub-website dedicated to the millennial debate. 572 more words


Are you a church millennial?

By Brett Younger

Many think a millennial is any young adult born after 1980, but if you go to church you know that millennials are defined by more than their age. 672 more words

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People like online grocery shopping, but not as much as they love going to the store

Good news for supermarkets: Despite the boom in online grocery shopping options (try, e.g., AmazonFresh, Instacart, FreshDirect, Nature’s Basket, Epermarket), brick-and-mortar stores are not going to disappear. 229 more words

This Is Millennials’ Most Embarrassing Secret

Today’s young adults are establishing their careers, but their lack of technological prowess is costing their employers big-time. Yes, you read that right. In spite of growing up having the Internet in the palms of their hands, these so-called “digital natives” have a yawning knowledge gap that’s not apparent until they get into the office. 484 more words

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This is a shocker. But I guess the business place has to do some catching up like texting instead of emails.

Hey Pastor, Millennials don't like your ___________ !

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