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Tim's Logical Explanation

Tim is someone I met on my way to the bank after lunch. An insightful man, and from what I gathered, very thorough. 118 more words

Personalizing Healthcare


I was having dinner a while back with some of my twenty-something relatives. One of my nieces was talking about the people she works with and referred to one of them as “Butterface.” 253 more words


What Does The Hot 2015 Spring Real Estate Market Mean For Buyers and Sellers?

submitted by Lonnie Cartmell-
The Puget Sound market is on track to be the biggest year for residential real estate since the 2008 recession. Historically low interest rates and our region’s healthy job growth have paired to create less than two month’s inventory. 467 more words

Seller Tips

We Are The Kids Of Tomorrow

Ten years from now us millenials – us Gen Yers – us graduates of today will be running the world. All those people who rejected our job applications because of our lack of experience will be watching idly as we step up and become the writers, the editors, the publishers, the lawyers, and doctors of the future. 236 more words



Touch A Generation

The latest and ever growing trend of this generation is people meeting through some online-social-media-app service and not in real life. The video touches a scary reality that comes from meeting people in the digital realm.

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Infographic: To buy or not to buy? That is the question

WATCH ABOVE: When does it make sense to rent long-term? The experts weigh in.

Should you rent or should you buy? There are a lot of factors to consider… 616 more words


What millennials do and don't want from their employers

This is the year the millennial generation—ages 18 to 34—will surpass the baby-boom generation in size. It has already done so in cultural and social significance. 492 more words