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Everything you think you know about milk is wrong

An actor named Sean Whalen sits at a desk, spreading a generous helping of peanut butter on a slice of bread, listening to a classical music radio station. 3,325 more words



Robert’s Mother was a firm believer in home remedies. Turpentine for cuts and scrapes, lemon tea for the common cold, and good old-fashioned character building for a stiff upper lip. 383 more words

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My Last Attempt at Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

I grew up with my Mawmaw’s buttermilk biscuits.  She was born and raised in Kentucky and that woman knew how to cook!  Paula Dean has nothing on my Mawmaw. 435 more words


How to Increase Production of Milk in Dairy farm

Nowadays, improving and maintaining high prices of milk production are problems of dairy farm. While certified organic and normal dairy farmers may intensely vary about utilize of hormones to improve milk production. 207 more words

Milk Production

How Chinese Medicine View Dairy Products

In Chinese Medicine, food is vital to health. At Ambrosia HC, we use diet in a therapeutic manner. In many ways, this is not unusual. In Chinese communities the world over, the attitude towards food is the same. 222 more words

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Health Benefits Of Honey & Milk

Health Benefits Of Honey & Milk
The term honey and milk goes way back to times of remains. Legend says that even Cleopatra used to have the honey and milk to stay youthful and healthy. 32 more words