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on post VS. off post

After my husband and I got engaged, the discussion shifted from when we were going to get married to where we were going to live after we got married. 1,436 more words

Deep Maintenance

It’s funny how life turns out. Twenty-five years ago, almost to the week, I was lent a mix tape by a young man who was about to break my heart. 566 more words


Since You've Been Gone - Day Five

Can we all just take a deep breath and thank God it’s FRIDAY! That means a couple days to rest & relax. A couple of uninterrupted days of family time. 228 more words


Good-night, Good-bye

A text message made my phone buzz in my hand this morning as I picked it up. The name and number were semi-familiar. It came from the wife of one of my husband’s last remaining Viet Nam veteran friends. 342 more words

Feminism & Humanism

Various, Sundry, Etc.

So I’ve been remiss in posting lately. Reticent, reluctant, reclusive. Turkey season has even come and gone with nary a peep. So what’s up? 318 more words


Petty Peeves Day (Or Righteous Rantage?)

I’ve decided that the last day of each month is as good a day as any to keep track of petty peeves.  Please feel free to jump aboard the Bitching Boat with your own peeves in comments!   356 more words

Paganism & Rationalism