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If he needed a wife they would have issued him one.

When your significant other is in the military these are the kinds of comments you here. While my family loves my now husband they weren’t to keen on him joining the air force. 397 more words

Aubrie's Visit & San Diego!

On June 26th Aubrie (Bryan’s Sister) and I set off to drive from Colorado to California. We planned to leave around 3am from Colorado so that we could catch the sunrise in Utah, because in case you’re like me and didn’t know, Utah is gorgeous! 348 more words


Dragon Boat Racing

Last Friday Scott and I attended our first get together with his new unit – a barbecue at his Major’s home. It was a great opportunity to meet a few of the other spouses and get a feel for Scott’s co-workers. 1,256 more words


Myth Busting

There are many assumptions out there about military life so I thought I’d take a few minutes to bust a few myths.

Myth: Canadian Armed Forces members don’t pay income tax. 707 more words

Military Life

Bonus Book for July 4th - "The Yellow Birds" And Yes, America, Fuck You Very Much

Poets go to war.  Poet Kevin Powers went to war in Iraq and when he came home to write about it in fiction truer than truth?   411 more words

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Our go to pizza: Lilly's

The good news is that we’re halfway through Logan’s field training! It’s been harder than I thought – naively, I just didn’t think too much about how it would be for him to be gone. 670 more words


Pumping Tips for the Military Mom

This past weekend was the first time going to the field since my daughter was born in February.  Army regulations prevent units from having new moms go on overnight trips until your little one is over four months old. 1,534 more words