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The Hidden Script of U.S. Militarization in Honduras

By Laura V. Natera | Council on Hemispheric Affairs | July 2, 2015

On June 2, the United States announced that 180 Marines would be deployed to Honduras as a preventative measure primarily concerning the upcoming hurricane season.

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Chiapas: The Primero de Agosto community completes 4 months of forcible displacement and continues demanding its forthright return

Displaced families from the Primero de Agosto community (@Koman Ilel)

In a communique published on 23 June, the residents of the Primero de Agosto community denounced the 120 days of forcible displacement experienced by the “17 Tojolabal families because of ejidatarios from Miguel Hidalgo who pertain to the CIOAC-Historical organization, led by Luis Hernández Cruz,” and it adds that Elvira Méndez Pérez, who just gave birth, “is suffering greatly because of the cold and the rain, as she lacks proper shelter in which her child can grow up happily.” 387 more words

Human Rights

Chiapas: a member of the Las Abejas Civil Society is murdered


A communique from the Las Abejas Civil Society of Acteal published on 23 June 2015 reports the murder of Manuel López Pérez, a member of the organization. 723 more words

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Today drill, tomorrow FEMA: major terrorist exercise takes London


Today drill, tomorrow FEMA.

A major mock terror attack involving met police and the SAS is currently being staged in the city of London as part of a propaganda movement taking adventage of the last events. 262 more words


What Does Food Insecurity Look Like? The Militarization of Grocery Stores.

While taking my aunt to her neighbourhood supermarket I noticed what I at the time identified as strange anomalies. For one thing, there was a security guard at the front of the store. 644 more words

Food Insecurity

Slavery and 'white privilege'

Can you tell me what ‘white privilege’ is?

Go on, please tell me, I would love to know. Is the white who works a job, pays taxes and ultimately doesn’t own a thing (not even their house) more privileged than a black who does the same? 1,100 more words