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Martial law has been declared in Baltimore. Now is a good time to pay close attention to the language and images being circulated. Their connotative level of meaning will ultimately take the form of a narrative, a “common sense” about what these events signify.


2nd State Resisting Militarization of Cops

Source: WND

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A second state has joined a growing effort to curb the militarization of local police departments by the federal government. 303 more words

Police State

Secondary Source: "Overcoming the Arctic in Cold War Alaska"

Farish, Matthew. “The Lab and the Land: Overcoming the Arctic in Cold War Alaska.” Isis 104.1 (2013): 1-29. 

Entry by Molly Finlayson

In anticipating the necessity of future Arctic warfare with the Soviet bloc, the United States military feared that its forces would be put to significant disadvantage by the extreme weather conditions of the north. 944 more words

Science In The United States

Chiapas: Change of General Secretary for Governance

Juan Carlos Gómez Aranda and Manuel Velasco Coello (@AristeguiNoticias)

Juan Carlos Gómez Aranda and Manuel Velasco Coello (@AristeguiNoticias)

On April 16, Chiapas´ state governor, Manuel Velasco Coello, announced the resignation of his General Secretary for Governance, Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, who is to be replaced by the PRI official Juan Carlos Gómez Aranda. 268 more words

Indigenous People

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society - GHK Lall

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:27  –  Written by  GHK Lall

Today there is loud talk of the militarization of the opposition.  816 more words


Why are we militarizing American society?

Summary:  Previous posts in this series showed how America has militarized. Today we ask “why”? The answer is superficially obvious, but the deeper reasons are mysterious. 877 more words

Our Military

The neocons captured the Star Trek universe, as they've captured America

Summary:  This post looks at the evolution of the Star Trek “universe” from 1964 through today, using it as a mirror to help us see how we’ve changed. 1,146 more words

Our Military