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Insurgent – What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE F***ING BOX!?

Quickie Review:

After the attempted coup by Jeanine (Kate Winslet), Tris (Shailene Woodley) and her friends narrowly escape. The factionless along with Tris plan to retaliate against the Erudite faction. 630 more words

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Short Takes: It Follows, Insurgent & Hard to Be a God

It Follows — Writer/director David Robert Mitchell proves himself a horror movie natural with It Follows, a terrifying “Sex = Death” thriller.  The overwhelming sensory experience on display in this movie is enough to distract from the thinness of its premise, which revolves around a young woman named Jay (the excellent Maika Monroe) being inadvertently passed a curse that has a shape-shifting ghost stalk her.  533 more words



Saw the triple-Oscar winner a couple of weeks ago. The film is about a young and talented drummer and his teacher at a Julliard-like arts school who puts him through the ringer personally and musically. 818 more words

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Insurgent (2015) Spoiler-free Review

I went to check out Insurgent in 3D a couple of weeks ago. I had awesome company, which usually means that I don’t pay 100% attention to the movie. 404 more words


Top 5 Timeline:: Do I Look Like A Muppet?, The Good Morning Text, & More

Hey folks! Happy Monday! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. Do I look like a muppet?

Sometimes the truth hurts.

2. Tweet like Dame Dash

If you haven’t seen Dame Dash’s interview on The Breakfast Club you should ASAP. 64 more words

Top 5 Timeline

Celebrity Crush: Miles Teller

When I saw The Spectacular Now, I side-eyed the casting choice for the “life of every party” main character.  This guy?  He was cute, sure, but not King of High School cute.  345 more words

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"Insurgente" es una palabra rara, y una película mediocre

“Insurgente” es una película que no cuenta nada. Tenemos un montón de elementos ahí, desparramados por la pantalla, a ver si alguno pega con el otro y sale la moneda de cara y lo llamamos película. 681 more words