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Gravity reading, fermenting in the tube

Don’t you hate it when you take a sample of your wort and it starts fermenting before you get a reading? No? Just me? This very odd scenario came about last last week due to a series of events. 947 more words


Grains and milk, it's dark

So good to be brewing again. Finally got around to brewing something I’ve been wanting to get down for a while. Plus, Chas was able to make it for another fun brew day. 603 more words


Happy 30th: Why The Goonies Remains a Classic

If you were like me, you wanted to be just like them.

You wanted to be a Goonie. You wanted to go look for buried pirate treasure and explore. 543 more words


New roof, new brew

Back brewing, finally. Last brew was in January and ran out over two months ago. After over 18 weeks, it was time to brew again. That’s exactly what I did a couple weeks ago on a quite Thursday night. 393 more words


Proud to be an American

Happy Memorial Day in remembrance of those who have fought for freedom. I’m proud to come from military. My grandfather served in the infantry during World War II. 329 more words