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The Dog extraordinaire

The dog who changed my life

Fear is part of life and part of being human. A man without fear is most likely lying or in rare cases insanely courageous. 544 more words


It's a long #itsmikey post

Earlier today, I read some posts about Mikey from the last several years. Some of them made me a little sad or anxious because I remember how I felt when I wrote some of that stuff. 796 more words

Lego 30271 - Mikey's Mini-Shellrasier

Name    : Lego 30271 – Mikey’s Mini-Shellrasier Price      : S$12

High Or Low, High And Low......

There’s no telling how long it’s been since I shot 3 days in a row. And that’s after a break of about what, 2 months?… Sucks to admit that but that’s the truth, and unfortunately I’m a little too much of a slave to that fucker. 563 more words

Extra Pale Ale #1 - Review

Back a couple weeks back I tried one of the Extra Pale Ale #1 beers. I was expecting it to be a bit rough, especially being 8%, using a chunk of sugar and using kit yeast. 385 more words


Pizza Adventure - A Movie

My first move that I made all by myself using Mummy’s phone.

Mikey wants a pizza but it keeps running away!!!