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"More Budget Gimmickry": Republicans Vote To Hide Costs Of Repealing Obamacare In Budget

Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee voted Thursday to shield attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act from objections that it would add to the government’s budget deficit. 505 more words


"More About Marketing Than Math": The Tea Party's Big Idea To Shrink Government Is A Vacuous Nothingburger

Insurgent political movements are usually built around a big idea, like abolition or workers’ rights. The Tea Party certainly has a big idea: Shrink the government. 756 more words


"Social Security Faces Threat From 'Ideological War'": Republicans Manufacturing A Crisis’ To Hide Their Real Intent

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) sent a message to supporters yesterday, warning of a real threat to Social Security. By any fair measure, she’s right.

“We’ve known for years that Social Security Disability Insurance is set to run low in 2016, and most people assumed that another bipartisan reallocation was coming,” the senator… 500 more words


Day 29 - Wyoming

Enzi, Michael B. – (R – WY) Class II 379A Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 (202) 224-3424 Contact: www.enzi.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact?p=e-mail-sen…

Pray for Mr Enzi, his wife and 3 children. 44 more words


Sessions concedes fight for Senate budget gavel

There will be no showdown between Republicans to lead the Senate Budget Committee.

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama on Wednesday bowed out of the contest, deferring instead to Sen. 258 more words


Senate Kills Economic Lifeline.

Enzi votes to authorize Keystone pipeline

 Washington, D.C. – A majority of Senate Democrats defeated a bill to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline Tuesday evening. The Senate voted 59-41 for the bill, but 60 votes were required for adoption. 95 more words