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The Gargoyle: The non-election edition

Election rumours and temporarily misplaced spending estimates: what’s federal politics coming to? The Gargoyle reviews through the week – as, once again, parliamentarians pause for a break: 1,626 more words


Sprawling Senate audit now expected in June

A sweeping probe of Senate spending is to be completed in the coming weeks, and the final report on whatever auditors discover is expected to be made public before Canadians head to the polls in October. 328 more words


Kelly McParland: Kathleen Wynne dances her way out of Sudbury mess with a master class in political footwork

One of the essential skills of any successful politician is the ability to say the most ridiculous things while sounding perfectly sincere. Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne demonstrated Tuesday that she’s a master at the art. 717 more words

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Rex Murphy: Eve Adams crossover makes for a great soap opera, though it actually means very little

It is testimony to the consideration that we are in an election year that every event is under a magnifying glass, every motion in Ottawa put to scrutiny and analysis.  654 more words

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Jihads or the Catholic Church?

So, hmm, what do Catholics think about Muslims? Jihad? Killing people with drones? For or against?

Jason Kenney, Minister of Multiculturalism, former Minister of Welfare (which was a term that irritated his leanings as a ‘fiscal hawk’ so he convinced the Prime Minister to change it to “Minister of Employment and Social Development”), was named “Minister of National Defence” on February 9, 2015. 841 more words

The Gargoyle: Greg Horton's public comments on Mike Duffy case deemed "pretty good" by top Mountie

When the lead RCMP officer on the Mike Duffy investigation spoke publicly about the case, he caught his superiors by surprise.

Normally, RCMP investigators in an active criminal investigation would refer reporters’ questions to the force’s media relations department. 549 more words