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William Watson: Are we a nation of Duffys?

New study says under reported income of Canadians could be as high as 19% of GDP

Just in time for Canada Day, the Bank of Canada research department has brought out a study that concludes the country’s underground economy is a lot bigger than previous estimates suggest, and that almost a majority of us engage in the morally dubious practice of under-reporting our incomes. 986 more words

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Behind the painting: Court sketch artists capture history in Canada's courtrooms

TORONTO – They give Canadians a look into places cameras are not allowed to go, capturing the visual drama of trials in courtrooms across the country. 1,698 more words


Marjory LeBreton: Scandal has ended culture of secrecy in Senate

The political crisis that has rocked the Senate in recent years will finally end the “closed boys’ club” mentality that dominated the red chamber for decades, says retiring Sen. 738 more words


Fantasy Baseball: Trusting Production

3 Players’ Production To Trust: These are three players who have been very productive over their last 30 games and are available in 30% or more of ESPN and Yahoo! 553 more words


Kelly McParland: When in doubt about expensing something just ask, ‘Would the Pope claim this?’

It shouldn’t be that hard to avoid making a stupid mistake when submitting business expenses: Just ask yourself, “Would Pope Francis claim this?”

For a man committed to a vow of poverty, the Pope has shown pretty sure footing when it comes to the perks that come with the job of being God’s chief executive for the planet. 802 more words


Reevely: Eight weeks of Duffy trial serves up the sloppy side of Senate

Mike Duffy’s criminal trial has coasted to a halt but we have this to sustain us through a summer break that lasts until August: Nigel is coming. 3,464 more words


Kelly McParland: The Mike Duffy as schlub theory. His and hers Mercedes on an overdraft

I’ve been following the Mike Duffy melodrama with some enthusiasm. Not because I know the man – I don’t think I’ve ever met him – but because it seems to mark some new frontier we’ve crossed in Canadian politics as theatre. 976 more words

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