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Se ha retirado el campo

This poem from Miguel Hernandez is about the human propensity to slip into violence and war, to discard the trappings of civilisation and to become as an animal, red in tooth and claw. 400 more words

Everything is filled with you

by Miguel Hernández

Everything is filled with you,
and everything is filled with me:
the towns are full,
just as the cemeteries are full
of you, all the houses… 146 more words

Part Three. Robert Matthews, and Elijah the Tishbite. False Prophets in the Early 1800’s

Some years ago a considerable sensation was created in the state of New York by the mad and grotesque pranks of Robert Matthews, who presumptuously laid claim to the divine character, and imposed himself as a superior being upon whom some of the most respectable members of society believed. 4,800 more words

Rey Pila - Atlanta - 052615

I’m starting to really love the Atlanta music scene; there’s so much variety. First, a huge festival with The Strokes (Shaky Knees) just 2 short weeks ago, and now a small and loud show at a good-kind-of-seedy venue (“Hell” at The Masquerade) with up-and-coming synth-rock-and-rollers Rey Pila. 715 more words


Andaluces de Jaén,

I first came across this poem in a version which was sung by Paco Ibanez. It went under the name of the first line, “Andaluces de Jaen”, rather than the title, “Aceituneros” – the olive pickers. 448 more words

Glosa II (Spanish)

Quiero escarbar la tierra con los dientes,
quiero apartar la tierra parte a parte
a dentelladas secas y calientes.

salvando las distancias de cipreses

amarillos y gargantas… 90 more words


Semana de Miguel Hernández

Esta semana la dedicaremos a un poeta muy cercano a nosotros, Miguel Hernández.

Lo trabajaremos con distintos recursos y actividades:

1. Veremos un video sobre la biografía de Miguel Hernández. 75 more words

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