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The Blue Crab Migration

Blue Crab Migration

Quiz question: you’re driving along a back road in Cozumel and you suddenly meet thousands of crabs crossing the highway. And they are bright blue. 481 more words


Inter-Org Exchange Migration using PST Files

Exchange migrations are relatively straight forward – you install new Exchange servers in the Exchange organization, configure them and them move Exchange recipients to the new server. 1,932 more words


EU debate: "We will have to be making strong and principled arguments against immigration controls and for open borders whichever side we end up on"

Luke Evans discusses some of the term of debates that revolutionary socialist should hold in mind when debating the EU referendum

There will be a referendum on EU membership, as a consequence of the Tory majority victory in the UK general election. 1,542 more words


Making the move to the Liberty profile from JBoss and WebLogic

Author: Don Vines (IBM)

It has been a common practice for many IT organizations to develop applications on lightweight containers (Tomcat or WAS Liberty Profile) and to deploy them on Full Platform Java EE containers (like the WebSphere ND). 468 more words


The Reality of Statelessness in the Dominican Republic

Many deem the statelessness and impending deportation of masses of undocumented Haitians living in the Dominican Republic as a modern act of ethnic cleansing; others have denounced it being contrary to international law. 712 more words

Human Rights

Could Adding A Small Fee to Airline Tickets Solve Europe’s Migration Crisis?

Since 2006, the French government has added a small surcharge to the cost of every flight leaving France. For customers, the increase in cost is so tiny — usually around 1 euro for coach tickets and only up to 4 euros for business class — that it’s all but invisible. 738 more words