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Another great evening at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh , this eveings medical update is headaches !

“1st , worst headache , increasing pain in sec/mins lasting under an hr , possibly more than the usual headache …. 38 more words

Welcome to Troy Me Raw Blog

Welcome to my blog :) Yes Troy is spelt right because Troy is my surname but raw in the title basically describes my diet these days. 299 more words


Don't Tell Me It Could Be Worse!

I think one of the most difficult parts of suffering from an invisible illness, such as chronic migraines, is not the pain, but how other people’s actions and judgements regarding our suffering. 729 more words


Migraines suck...thanks mom.

To start out, I had completely planned to do my Whats in my makeup bag video today. I was quivering in antic…..ipation (ha), so when I left to come home my body decided to retaliate and give me a migraine pattern. 387 more words

Finishing that thought

Yesterday, I had to stop using the computer because it was making a migraine worse. By some magic (and a head massage from my husband) I woke up this morning with no pain in my head. 1,288 more words



it seems these days I just want the dark, the dark and the silence, to curl inward until I am small and round and impenetrable, until my back doesn’t hurt anymore, my arms don’t hurt, my head doesn’t hurt, my heart doesn’t hurt, so many things hurt and nothing seems to touch any of them, not Imitrex or Advil or wrist braces like gauntlets on my arms, only the dark and the silence soothe, only in sleep am I someone who moves without pain, who flies over canyons or swims through oceans, through magma, who bends fire and water and earth, and for every dimension and law of physics I control in my dreams there is another thing uncontrollable when I wake, I doubt that’s irony but it’s cruel anyway