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Shake It Off

I was raised believing that committing suicide was a sin.  I believed that for many years.  However as I got older I started to question that.   963 more words

Aggravating symptoms and rife machine

If these symptoms can decrease even 50% I would be so surprised. At this point I am not sure if my symptoms can be reduced. I mean obviously it’s to the point where my brain is in overdrive. 248 more words

10 days is NOT the business.

10 is much different than 205.

10 days ago, I had my first migraine in 205 days.  Today, I had another.  It bites.

I met my friend to get our toes done (very rare occurrence, about twice a year, so this was a big day!)  As I entered the nail salon, the wall that is a glass waterfall seemed to encompass every single prism of light in the universe and laser it my way.   290 more words


Day 4: Slice of Porridge for Breakfast?

I’ve eaten much more today and feel better all round. I’m cooking really simple, uncomplicated food and at the moment that fits well with my busy schedule and lack of time. 362 more words

Clean Food


Yesterday, I just wanted to leave my house. Simple really. I needed to leave my house. I wanted to just go to a store. Shop. Anything. 600 more words


Doctors, Smells, Migraines, & Pain Meds.

Today was doctor visit Day Number 2.

Yesterday was my home neurologist, who is a very cool guy. Don’t get me wrong, my PCP is a very cool guy as well. 219 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Faking It

Remember in elementary school or any time when you were in school that you just didn’t feel like going so you faked being sick?  Lately with the passing of laws for medical marijuana there have been discussions about faking depression or back pain (two diagnoses unable to be clinically tested) to get a medical marijuana card.   1,310 more words