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El Internet ya es un servicio completamente público en USA

La Neutralidad en la Red gana a los poderosos en E.U.. La Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones ha votado este jueves la aprobación de reglas estrictas que garanticen que las compañías prestadoras de servicios de internet no van a cobrar a las compañías por una línea veloz. 258 more words


The Skinny on the FCC's Of-Color Commissioners

Even just a day later, it’s old news that the FCC voted to uphold “net neutrality.”

But here’s the official info on the two FCC commissioners of color.

Mignon Clyburn

Ajit Pai


Welcome to the Obamanet

Wall Street Journal: The FCC snatches political control over more of the economy.

The Federal Communications Commission’s decision Thursday to regulate the Internet as a public utility is a depressing moment for American innovation and economic liberty. 64 more words


The U.S. FCC’s Orwellian Internet policy

”President Obama’s secret plan to protect the ‘open Internet’ is locked inside the Federal Communications Commission. We don’t know what’s in the 322 pages, but we are told it includes a transparency rule,” Bret Swanson writes for Computerworld. 555 more words


Democratic FCC commissioner balks at so-called 'net neutrality' rules

”A Democrat on the Federal Communications Commission wants to narrow the scope of new net neutrality rules that are set for a vote on Thursday, … 670 more words


Just Announced: Chuck Todd, Donna Brazile, Ed Gillespie and Mignon Clyburn to Speak at 2015 Congressional City Conference

We couldn’t be more proud to host these distinguished speakers at our annual Congressional City Conference in March.

Clockwise from top left: Chuck Todd, Donna Brazile, Ed Gillespie and Mignon Clyburn. 413 more words