Trumpets and Bookmarks

When people ask me what my favourite kind of music is I am usually stumped for an answer. How do you choose when there is so much amazing music in the world? 167 more words


My Evening With Noel Fielding

So I went to see my hero, my fashion icon, my celebrity crush on Friday night. Mr Noel Fielding, one half of comedy duo ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and more recently, creator of ‘Luxury Comedy’. 1,052 more words

Comedian: Noel Fielding

Video: Noel Fielding in Auto Boosh (The Mighty Boosh) @ 2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Get thyself to see Noel Fielding at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival… 191 more words


Song Of The Day: Matt Berry - Fallen Angel

Best known as a British comic actor, for his roles in such classics as The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, and The IT Crowd, Matt Berry is also an accomplished musician with five albums and a multitude of soundtrack work to his credit. 47 more words


The First Post

I’ve scrapped the standard ‘Hello World’ that WordPress decides to pre-populate the first post with and I’ve gone for something less enthusiastic.

As first posts go this is going to be non-eventful. 143 more words

FRIDAY FUNDAY: The Chin Review

(Originally posted on my old retired blog ithinkyouwilllikethis.wordpress.com)

Like the Mighty Boosh, The Chin Review is that kind of comedy where you are either going to love it, or think on this occasion I’m a complete tool for deeming this worthy of a blog post. 96 more words


Meeting the Madcap Shambleton

To say that I regretted not getting my butt to the Manchester signing of The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton by Noel Fielding would be a SEVERE understatement. 621 more words

Film Premiers & Other Celebrity Encounters