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MIDWICH CUCKOOS - sci-fi masterpiece

It is a daunting challenge that must intimidate all sci-fi writers at some stage: how does one present something extraordinary or totally unbelievable as something acceptable? 531 more words


REVIEW: John Wyndham - The Midwich Cuckoos

Blue Paint Score – 5/10

Unbearably strange, The Midwich Cuckoos, is a book that I struggled to read and struggled to put down. Think about an idyllic English village. 155 more words


Project Hush-Hush - Here From Six

Prepare for one of the more odder entries, as I enter my own version of the twilight zone. Kind of.

Talking to Shaun last night about the ’60s and he expressed how odd he found it that I remembered so little about that time — even though I was born in ’72, a lot of the ’60s vibe still existed during my first few years and I should, really, has some idea about that time. 503 more words