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So I’m terrible with directions. Totally horrendous. If I feel like we should go a certain way, that’s typically good indication of exactly the direction we shouldn’t go in… and even though I’m fully aware of my total lack of an internal clock, somehow I always try to follow my instincts anyway. 405 more words


LaBarque Conservation Area - Missouri

My friend and I wanted to get out and go hiking over the long Memorial Day weekend. We were supposed to get some rain, but luckily the weather held off and we were able to get a hike in. 226 more words


Barnabas ReEntry Seminar - Cedarville, OH

The Barnabas International MK Transition Seminar is designed for missionary kids (MKs) who have just completed their high school experience overseas. The seminar provides helpful tools that prepare students for the transition back into life and college in North America. 40 more words

MK ReEntry

One of the Worst Things My Ears Have Ever Heard

So today my parents were arguing about who has more native american in them. They’re both about 1/4 cherokee. My dad finally decides to say, “Well I guess you do have more indian in you when we’re having sex.” 81 more words

Sam & Lindsey

Thank goodness for people like Sam and Lindsey that remind us what weddings are about. Celebrating the next step in a strong, healthy relationship, surrounded by your family and friends who couldn’t be more thrilled to witness your vows. 170 more words


Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.?

Given the measures used, this New York Times map suggests that the upper Midwest-Great Plains is not that bad of a region in which to live–unless you are on an Indian reservation … … 13 more words



It is incredible what a physical space represents after heartache, after the memories tied to the favorite nooks, ruffled sheets, and storied rooms are defined by what happened there, and, more often than not, what didn’t happen there. 695 more words