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My Midterm Reflection

There is a time in every person’s life where they experience an epiphany. For me, one of the biggest epiphanies I ever experienced pertains to writing. 820 more words


Drawings of Maison de Bordeaux

This semester’s Architectural Communication Techniques course’s midterm is different from the last semester. This midterm has two steps. The first one is drawing of the given building’s all plans, two section drawings and two elevation drawings and the second step is a group work. 31 more words


Back in San Diego

For the third time since New Year’s am I back down in San Diego, my second home. Once again I used Cal Poly’s Rideshare group on facebook and rode with new people again. 243 more words


Midterm Self-Evaluation

I’ve fallen behind. This evaluation was supposed to be posted a month ago and even though I read through the module assignment and brainstormed ideas, my writing did not come to fruition due to the rollercoaster that is life. 624 more words


Reporting on the Nepal Earthquake


MID-TERM bysammilee

I feel very sorry for those people who got damage from the earthquake and hope they get better soon.


Reporting on the Nepal Earthquake

April 26 Earthquake in NepalApril26EarthquakeinNepal

I think we should donate money and supplies to help people in that area. we should send doctors to save the people. 21 more words


Starbucks' Secret Menu

With midterms coming up, we all need a little pick-me-up to pull though those long study hours. If you’re feeling adventurous, here are some popular secret menu recipes to spice up that regular cup of SBux! 350 more words

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