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Relationships, Bridges and Random Declarations Of Love

As I walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge this afternoon, I noticed that some love locks and in-scripted padlocks have begun to appear, locked tightly onto the security mesh. 727 more words

Midlife Observations

Why Do Kids With Special Needs Still Fall Through The Education Cracks?

So…education and how it deals with those frustrating square pegs that outrightly refuse to fit into the system provided my the mainstream education of round holes. 861 more words

Midlife Observations

Paris Fashion, Darlinks…

It is with great excitement that I am able report that I finally discovered the magic of Uniqlo this weekend. A huge contender to Gap – which at one time was my all-time fave store in the UK for couch-surfing gear – Uniqlo offers great quality clothing at super-affordable pricing. 596 more words

Midlife Observations

Menopause, Schmenopause

So this whole menopause thing is not as much fun as I thought it would be.

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Aside from the tiredness and ANGER, the weight is creeping on, taunting me menacingly, especially because I’ve tried everything in my dietary power to keep it off. 766 more words

Midlife Observations

Family Life Is Not All Cookies And Cream, Sometimes It Is Salad Cream

Out of all the schmaltz, sad stories, perfect gifts and cheesy quotes to fill my FB homepage on Mothers Day, this article by Rosie Waterland stood out for me. 766 more words

Midlife Observations

The 8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

As the excitement builds up in the commercial world for Mother’s Day, the suspense of how well my progeny will repay me for another year of self-sacrifice and doormat behaviour is almost killing me. 631 more words

Midlife Observations

A Mother's Pride

Too many faces of grief-stricken mothers have haunted us in the media this week.

It’s hard to remember another time when we’ve borne witness to such rawness of despair from so many mothers in the face of tragedy, as vividly as we have this week. 575 more words

Midlife Observations