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Tutoring 7th Grade Math!

Ryan, from ACS International School, is studying 7th grade Math with Mr. Bishara!


Dear Rosalyn

Dear Rosalyn,

Thank you for your bravery and honesty today. It takes strength of character most people have not developed by age 12 to see what you saw and report it to me. 131 more words


8 Fads of the 2000s I Hope Never Return

Some of you may know that I’m going to the BlogU Conference in June, which I’m super excited about. They are having a mixer, and each year, it has a different theme. 978 more words


Personal Finance for Students of All Ages

Beginning with the graduating class of 2014, personal finance is a required subject for Ohio public school students. Given the state of economic affairs, I think this is a credit that will benefit… 342 more words


One More Sniff Please

The smell gets me every time.

Twice every year my church Harvest, OC goes on a retreat to the mountains at a place known as… 400 more words


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That was an amazing post, fishdude23. One reason why I loved this post is because I never really hear about church retreats outside of church. I know that it's not good to enforce your beliefs on others, but I don't think it's good to suppress them either. Although I would have preferred you to explain what happened at the retreat, this is around what I felt going on my first retreat. For me, instead of hating the bus ride because of environment, I was just worried that the retreat would be a waste of my time. Thank God it wasn't. It was filled with dances, food, speakers, prayer, and friends. Hopefully you'll remember if you did these things or not. Whether or not you belong in a certain denomination of Christianity, we're all united in Christ and have the same experiences. I'm wondering, are there any other experiences at church that have truly changed your mindset? I would love to hear more about them. This also reminds me of a poem I read last week, called Lights Out, by Edward Thomas. It's about an unknown person going to the forest and losing himself in the process. It was inspired by World War I, perhaps it suggests death or trauma after witnessing many horrors in the Great War. For my viewers, if you're Christian, you should give this a read so you might have a spark of faith if you're feeling dry in prayer or just want to know what other Christians are experiencing on retreats. For my non-Christian viewers, you should read this so you can be inspired to go to into the wilderness, relax, or simply escape from materialism.

Reading this post made my day. Thanks.

Middle school love

May 2, 2015

After having the run in with Dylan I had a dream yesterday night. It started like this: at the end of the day Dylan goes up to me and asks for my number and of course I give it to him. 100 more words


7th period

May 1st, art. 7th period. So I have art for 7th period and judging by the title something happened. We were drawing still life which was boring but I didn’t really care…. 236 more words