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VIDEO: BBC retraces Selma rights march

America is closing in on the 50th anniversary of one of the seminal moments of the country’s civil rights movement, the march from Selma to Montgomery. 8 more words

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Watch Live: Obama responds to Netanyahu's AIPAC speech

US President talks exclusively to Reuters at White House.

from JPost.com – Video http://ift.tt/1Cl98o9

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Histadrut activists bring ICL protest to Rothschild tent city

The unions have demonstrated in cities across the South and Jerusalem in the past week, sometimes shutting down major intersections.

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Misguided U.S. foreign policy fueled terrorism

They were young and largely impoverished. To find work, they had migrated from their native Egypt to a mid-coastal city in Libya, an unstable country that in recent years has become extremely attractive to agents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, more commonly known as ISIS or ISIL, a group of murderers masquerading as Muslims. 873 more words


Pankaj Mishra: Look outside religion for the roots of the Islamic State

A Kuwaiti immigrant in London has been revealed as Islamic State’s public executioner. The news attests yet again to the sinister global appeal of al-Qaida’s successor. 855 more words


War authority--why and for what?

I can’t find online my letter published in the Daily Local News a week or so ago. So let’s put it in the blog.

This letter builds on my thinking in “ 776 more words

Peace And War