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The middle class.

Reviving the middle class. It’s the catch phrase of this presidential election campaign and whoever the voters believe can deliver for the middle class will be our next president. 1,748 more words


Tax Free Savings Accounts Revisited

The day after I posted a few skeptical thoughts about the new $10,000 TFSA limits in Canada, a Financial Post writer made the argument that TFSAs could “help a middle-class couple save $1.1 million”.  446 more words

The Voice of Joyce: Bring in the Clowns

Dear followers of a “certain age”, thought you’d like to hear Frank Sinatra sing “Where are the Clowns”, recorded on U tube with photos of Clowns from “yesteryear”.  20 more words

The average worker might not be getting ripped off after all

If there is one idea that has made its way from ivory tower economists to the general public in recent years, it’s that the average worker has gotten short shrift in recent years. 787 more words


I was her treasure

Growing up as the oldest of four, I always got the shit end of the stick.
If my mom was stressed I heard it first. 845 more words

Life Is What You Make It♥